Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Patent Law and Jobs

So President elect Trump convinced Carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs in the United States that they were going to send to Mexico and certain Republicans complained that he was picking winners and losers. They have stated that the President should not get involved in business matters. I want to discuss what can be done to get the attention of companies that outsource.

Lets consider only enforcing patent laws for companies that build products in the United States. Giving patents is choosing winners and losers. If it is wrong to pick winners and losers than we can eliminate patents and copyright.

Other things we can do is refuse to allow products to be sold in the United States if the products were not made in an environmentally friendly way or if they have been transported here on one of the 500 hundred cargo ships that pollute more than ALL the cars in the United States combined. We already ban many products, like elephant ivory, that people wish to sell.

Finally, if a company hides money overseas then we nationalize them and bring the money back. If you don't pay your taxes the government can take your house from you. There are a lot of things that could be done to bring jobs back.

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