Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Am Afraid My Dog Will Be Deported

I am petrified that my dog will be deported. He is a Mexican Chihuahua and has been fixed, which I guess makes him transgendered. I don't dress him up in dresses so I cannot call him a transvestite. He cried the night Trump got elected and so did I. President elect Trump, please don't deport my dog.

FYI - The truth is that I do have a Chihuahua; but, he is not fixed. I paid the extra money to let him keep his testicles and I don't actually breed him. I pay the extra money so that I don't have to force him to have a sex change operation. Why is it that people who are okay with transgender think all dogs must loose their gender and sexuality. Why do people who are good with all gender identifications believe dogs must be spayed or neutered?

Why do people who are against all circumcisions think it is okay to spay and neuter dogs? Why do the people who are animal rights people believe that all dogs should be spayed or neutered?

You will say that it is different, that it is a case of too many stray dogs. Hmmm, if you believe that then are you against killing other wild animals when they overpopulate, like mountain lions? The United States government has allowed the killing of untold numbers of wild horses, why didn't they just spay and neuter them?

Long time readers will know, this blog has switched it's purpose many times. I think the last year was mostly about the media and the election lies. I think I should make it's new direction just looking at throwing curve balls at people's inconsistencies.

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