Thursday, December 15, 2016

Electoral College Lies

The establishment is actively fighting to fix the electoral college and the mainstream media seems unconcerned about it. In fact, there is a new video from celebrities calling for members of the electoral college who are pledged to vote for Trump to vote for anyone else. You should watch this and get angry.

YouTube - A Message for Electors to Unite For America.

I could not be more disgusted. I will explain why.

They begin by saying they are making a message specifically for the members of the electoral college. Why? They are not talkin to all Americans because they don't care about all Americans. They are actively promoting rigging the electoral college and in the open. What is wrong with them?

At about 5 seconds in they make the claim that the electoral college to protect us from a demagogue. Please, idiot morons that do not have legal degrees, don't preach the constitution to me. I not only have a Law Degree with honors; but, one of those honors is the American Jurisprudence Award for Constitutional Law. It drives me crazy when people who haven't spent their lives learning about this tell me what it means and make basic mistakes. Which they do for the rest of the video. It is okay to disagree over minutia; but, you should at least understand the basics and they don't.

Martin Sheen quotes the Federalist Papers without understanding that they are not dispositive of anything. They were specifically written to urge for the ratification of the constitution by one side. They were propaganda pieces, read your history morons. This is a basic thing in law, it is pretty simple. A judge must ask himself what was intended when a law was written to try and be true to it. Sometimes that is tough because some laws were written when blacks were considered less than a whole person and women were not considered people who could vote at all. The difference between strict and loose constructionists of the constitution is NOT simple.

Hamilton was an elitist. Hamilton did not believe in democracy for all. He believed that your betters should choose for you and he lost that battle. The constitution allowed people other than land owners to vote too. By the way, Hamilton did not write the Constitution so all he could do was given an opinion and suggestions.

This video takes comments from Hamilton about why the electoral was useful in limiting democracy and claims they are the truth; but, it is not correct. The truth is what was passed is what is law. The truth is what was passed got passed because it did not say what he wrote in the Federalist papers. The fact is that many states passed the constitution with an electoral college because it gave a say to the states with fewer people rather than have all decisions being made by the large cities, it gave some say to the rural areas too. If it had been to only benefit the big cities then many states would not have joined the union.

After saying misinformation about what the constitution means they then proceed to tell the electors to "vote their conscience". What a lot of garbage. They were not given the job to vote their conscience as that would deny democracy to those who disagree with the elites and we didn't pass that. We did not create a House of Lords. We already have elected federal officials for every state and each state has as many senators and representatives in congress as they have electors in the electoral college. That is why if the electoral college does not do it's job, the election is thrown into the congress and that is what these people really want; but, they are not smart or truthful enough to tell you that.

What elitists like is when your decisions can be made by unelected bureaucrats and that is what electors are. Did you vote for electors or candidates? The parties pick your electors and that is NOT in the constitution.

One of the imbeciles in the video says that the American people trust that the voice of the electors speaks for us all. That is nonsense. They only speak for the voters of their state. They were chosen to go to Washington D.C. to represents the voters of their states choice. That is the only reason they get to vote.

The real endgame is not to have Trump denied the presidency by the electoral college because it will only get thrown to the congress and they know that and admit that in the video. The real endgame is to ignore the smaller states and the Midwest. That is the same reason that many now want to eliminate the electoral college. Their real game is to let the congress which does not represent you now choose your president; but, we did not create a Parliament like England. We did not choose to have the congress pick our president, we wanted the states to pick our president based on who the people in their state voted for.

This video is not proclaiming democracy, it is calling for elitism and what would it mean for the future if the states do not choose the president based on the electoral college? What would the precedent of allowing electors to pick our next president be when they were not sent to the electoral college to do that? It would mean the end of representational democracy, not the beginning of direct democracy.

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