Friday, January 20, 2017

President Donald J Trump, the 45th President.

It is now official, Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States. You may like him or hate him but he is now the President and I will refer to him as such, same as I referred to Obama as President Obama. So what does his election mean for this blog? Well, it means that I will question his action same as I question other politicians and criticize when appropriate.

Here is what scares me, that nobody will listen when honest criticism or Trump is given because the corporate media will twist everything he does as negative. You are going to find it hard to read or hear objective analysis of anything he does. Beyond media bias against him, there is something deeper at stake. Globalism versus nationalism.

The heads of the world's economy are meeting in Davos and they are discussing Trump. They are not discussing how they believe he is racist, misogynistic or homophobic. In fact, they know he is none of those things or simply don't care. What they are discussing is the effect of Brexit and the Trump election getting in the way of international law (mainly through treaties) being the main form of law for all nations.

To understand what Trump plans and looking beyond the candidate's hyperbole, lets look at his actual inauguration speech for his priorities.

CNBC - Read President Trump's full, blistering inaugural speech, attacking Washington, promising 'America first'.

He talks about returning this country to the people and away from the forces that were controlling Washington. That is called populism or if you will democracy, majority rule.

He then talks about how the establishment has been successful; but, not the people and that the people have not shared in the increase in wealth of this nation. The statistics will prove this out as in the last 8 years all the gains have gone to the 1% and the vast majority of those gains to the .1%.

He then talks about how this nation is here to serve the people and not just the few. He outlines the priorities of the nation as education, safety and jobs. I want you to understand this is not a Republican speech. His priorities are not those of the Republican party since the Bushes and not even the Democrats priorities since the Clintons.

He now gets into how we have given away our industry to foreign nations and states that it is the nations job to put America first in it's priorities. His next initiative is to rebuild America infrastructure. He then talks about foreign relations and says we will cease trying to force our beliefs on others; but, will work with others. That is not going to please arms manufacturers.

Here is what he did not discuss. He did not discuss restricting abortion. He did not discuss getting rid of gay marriage. He did not discuss ANY race as being our enemy. He did not discuss ANY nation as being our enemy.

Here is the reality. Trump has never been very vocal on social issues like abortion, gays or race. Funny that those are the only issues the media pressed him on. From day one his focus has been on nationalism and the middle and working class.

Here is why I would have preferred Sanders. Sanders would have basically agreed with all that Trump said and added in putting more regulations on the banks and Wall Street and breaking up monopolies. The reason I disliked Hillary is simple, she didn't support any of those things or what Sanders would have added. I consider the Clintons no better than the Bushes. Do you know what else President Trump didn't spend much if anytime on, Obamacare.

From this day forward the question is how should he be judged? I will evaluate him on his ability to bring manufacturing back to the United States, his ability to stay out of war and his ability to protect our borders. Not because those our my first three priorities; but, because those are the priorities he was elected on. If he meets those I will say he was the first one in decades to actually worked on the promises he made. If I find that he in fact enacts socially restrictive laws on gays, minorities or women then I will say he was horrible and attack him anytime I see him do such things; but, I don't believe he will. If he fixes a system where all the benefits only go to the wealthy then I will say he was a great President. How will you judge him? These are the things I will write about in the future along with continuing themes or spirituality, technology and economic trickery.

Let us all hope, and for those of us who are spiritual let us all pray, that he is a good President. Because he is now our President whether you like it or not. I personally refuse to swear on a bible, even in court. I do not pledge allegiance to a flag, only a nation. I pray for this nation. I pray for the people to be loving to each other and to those of other nations.

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