Friday, January 27, 2017

Just Catching Up On Some News

New American - EU Boss: Citizens Should Not Get to Vote on Important Issues.  The establishment hates democracy. It is always that way.

Huffington Post - Uber Unveils ‘Movement’ Tool To Help City Planners Better Analyze Traffic Patterns.  Yes, they want taxpayers to pay for infrastructure to support self driving vehicles and kill over 3 million jobs.

MSN - Racist CEO Called Out After Controversial Tweet. Here is a quote from the article, "The Founder of Time Share CMO Melinda Byerley was recently under fire for calling rural America a “shithole full of stupid people.” The Midwest is the new peons and peasants in the mind of the establishment and the wealthy.

MSN - CNBC - Facebook's Zuckerberg sues hundreds of Hawaiians to force property sales to him.  He has a problem with peasants, even native ones.

Express - Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs.  Nothing new, just fewer and fewer regulations and oversite of this technology.

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