Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why You Cannot Trust the CIA.

Tomorrow the congress will certify the votes of the electoral college that will formalize Trump being our next president. Today representatives of the intelligence community testified before congress to claim that Russia attempted to influence our election. Their claim appears to be that Russia or some third party at the direction of Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee's server and sent the e-mails found on it to WikiLeaks which then released those documents. The intelligence community specifically denied that voting machines were hacked or that the election count was wrong. They are now also claiming that Russia Today (RT), a Russian television channel improperly effected the presidential race by casting doubts on how America acts. What sort of alternative universe does this nonsense come from?

Yahoo - Intelligence chief: Russia’s election interference went far beyond hacks.

Washington Times - Electoral College vote protest sputters.

What we are seeing is a hypocritical and false narrative from the intelligence community. To claim that Russia improperly impacted the election because their television news disagreed with what the United States is doing is insanity. British, French, German and all other countries had opinions about this election and freely discussed them. In fact, England had a vote on whether or not Trump should be allowed to even go to England in the middle of this election. That did not seem to bother the intelligence community.

Now here is something interesting.

BuzzFeed -  The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers.  According to the DNC, no intelligence agency asked to examine their servers.

Lets give a little history of the CIA. In the 1970s congress investigated the CIA through the Church Committee. They found that the CIA, FBI and others in the intelligence sector had broken the constitution in multiple ways starting with opening mail and copying it without a warrant, During the 50s, 60s and 70s the intelligence community was caught doing illegal and unethical human experimentation on people against their will including giving people LSD without their knowledge, engaging in mind control without their knowledge, illegally monitoring people's calls and mail and assassinating foreign officials.

Now you might say this was all in the past; but, it wasn't. Because of Snowden and Manning we now know that the intelligence community keeps track of every e-mail and online action illegally. They have not changed one bit, they have only gotten better at it. We also know that the intelligence community has engaged in illegally propagandizing within America and has used mainstream media to spread false stories and narratives. These are proven facts, not conjecture. In fact all of this can be discovered by looking at the congressional record.

President Obama has recently signed a law legalizing intelligence agencies to propagandize in America and to determine what is and is not allowable reporting. The response of the intelligence community is to say with a straight face that questioning them is to weaken our country and hurts their feelings. What we need, and I hope Trump will call for, is a congressional investigation like the Church committee to look into the actions of the intelligence community since 9/11.

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