Friday, January 6, 2017

Four Black Kids Kidnap White Mentally Disabled Kid In Chicago - Wait.

Wait before you have an opinion. Wait before you decide who is guilty. Wait before making an opinion until a week has passed and you have better information. People are being controlled when they have snap reactions and emotional reactions are not well thought out ones.

This blog is not about trying to convince people to think like me, it is about showing people how to look deeper and be more objective in their views. That is hard to do when the media explodes with sensational news stories.

The truth is that we do not know what was going on yet. All we know is that a black kid who knew a white kid that had a mental disability spent two days in a van and at a house together where three other black youths hurt the white kid, humiliated the white kid and physically abused him. That in and of itself is pretty bad. Kidnapping and torture mean that the people involved will be in jail for a very long time; but, this blog is about understanding the news not having an emotional breakdown when we hear disturbing things.

The right is blaming Black Lives Matter and the left is blaming Trump. I am so sorry but the truth is we have absolutely no idea what these kids were thinking. Right now we only know some of what happened. It may turn out that these people actually hated Trump and were card carrying members of the Black Lives Matter organization or it may come out that they were just influenced by the rhetoric of that movement; but, I don't think that will be what we learn. If this was truly a political statement than I cannot believe anyone would support it and a message is hard to find in it.

Let's ask what it would mean if this was just some people picking on someone who has mental disabilities. That would be pretty horrid; but, again what was the message and meaning behind live streaming it? Nope, I cannot see that either. How about this hypothesis, how bout a black guy go a white retarded guy in his van that he had stolen and got confused or didn't know what to do now that he ad a witness to his crime and panicked. How smart and intent filled were these kidnappers that they did not kill the white kid and were dumb enough to film and live stream it on Facebook? What if the person who live streamed it was trying to get the cops attention? Don't presume you know what was going on.

There is no rush to come to a conclusion or draw an opinion, this case will go on for months. Your opinion will mean more the more time you give yourself to learn facts and the slower you decide you understand the totality of what happened. Propaganda works for a reason. It works because it tells us what we want to believe already.

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