Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Have a Video for You to Watch

I think most of the people that read this site are probably over 30. I assume I have an older audience for two reasons. Firstly, I am not on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or any of the more used platforms. Secondly, I don't write about things that a younger person would be interested in.. I am going to use the video above to help you to understand how big and important YouTube is.

This video was made by Owen Shroyer (I hope I spelled that right) of a website and YouTube channel called Infowars.  The site is owned and controlled by a man named Alex Jones. I do not trust Alex Jones. A man I wrote about previously, Bill Cooper, proved Alex to be a liar years ago. I don't think Mr. Shroyer is a liar; but, he works for the same site. I actually like Shroyer and think he would be fun to talk with. He seems like a decent guy.

As an older person, I have friends that are also older and they have never heard of Alex Jones and do not use YouTube. Most of them watch Fox or listen to Rush Limbaugh. I am a socialist surrounded by friends who are conservatives. Heck, I preached at a church of homosexual illegal immigrants and they loved me; but, they don't read this blog. Few of them read English. They just don't ask me to dinner since I stopped preaching. They were all pretty liberal.

I am not posting this video to support the producer, Alex Jones, I think he is irrational. I think he has some decent people that work for him. I guess I could say that about any company. Long set up for a simple video analysis. Mr. Shroyer was at President Trump's speech today and spoke to some of the protestors. What they discuss on both sides is semi-irrelevant to my analysis. I want to talk about the protest itself.

Lets talk about how organized these protests are. The protestors are behind a pinkish barrier and mostly stay behind it. As the video progresses you will see people with safety vests on and often megaphones telling the protestors what to chant. Some wear pink scarves around their arms. The ones of the same side of the pink barrier as Owen are the safety vest peoples supervisors.

Now lets talk about how the leaders of the protest respond to Mr. Shroyer. Firstly, they block the cameras view of the protestors. Why would you do that, why ask people to make signs and protest and then not want them to be seen? Think about that for a bit, it is about numbers not messages.

This guy is continually asking people to say what they think and the supervisors tell people not to engage with him. One lady, claiming to be an attorney protesting Trump, told the supervisors that she could speak for herself and they didn't like that. At about eight minutes in, Shroyer talks to one of the cat hat wearing supervisors and even she cannot answer his questions.

I want you to watch the whole video and think about the questions I am asking. How are these people so organized; but, not in thought. They don't all have the same answers; but, the just about all follow the same supervisors.

Now to the point of including this video. Who is organizing these events and what are the protestors being told to do, say and who is in charge of them?  More importantly, why does everyone leading this protest call him a "Alex Jones Troll". That happens at 10:15 into the video. How did the women supervisor know that Shroyer worked for Alex Jones, his microphone said Infowars. That means that the leaders of the protest had been told to watch out for Infowars reporters.

In the last few months I have heard the mainstream media talk about the leader of Infowars more than I would have thought possible. This guy Jones is not on the radar of most people over 50, they are more likely to know who Bill O'Reilly is. Jones has about 2 million subscribers, PewDePie is the biggest on YouTube and has about 60 million subscribers and doesn't talk about the news. CNN can only dream of having 60 million viewers a day. Jones is nowhere as big as PewDePie and yet the protestors all know who he is.

The corporate media  is in a death spiral because of the internet. The news industry is being challenged by the internet and people like Jones and they don't like it. They are quite happy to see America lose it's industrial jobs; but, are desperately afraid of losing their jobs to internet publishers. Older people don't know who Alex Jones is; but, younger people do.

In the last few weeks the media has been attacking PewDePie and spreading fake news about him. The guy is not political, he is just a guy that talks about video games and is a lousy comedian and he scares the mainstream media because every second you spend on the internet is a second you do not spend watching television or the mainstream corporately owned media. That is why you should check out YouTube; but, be careful as there is plenty of garbage on it. You have to find objective voices that can at least separate themselves from the strict dogma of their core beliefs.

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