Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Corporate Media Ignores the Midwest But Thinks What Chris Christie Eats is Meaningful.

The Huffington Post - Donald Trump Told Chris Christie To Eat Meatloaf, And Everyone Thinks It’s Hilarious

This is the state of the corporate media. Major media outlets have now attacked Trump for liking his steaks well done, questioned if he wears a robe at night, hyperventilated over the fact that his sons have business interests and are still provided with Secret Service protection like every other member of the Presidential family and now they want to talk about how Trump told Christie that he had to have the meatloaf at the White House because it was amazing.

All of these meaningless things are treated as major news stories by the like of the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN amongst others. Here is a story they could have gone with, what does the average unemployed ex-steelworker eat? What does the average service worker in America eat compared to the average CEO? So many questions can tell us about this world; but, the media is more concerned about attacking Trump for telling Christie to have the meatloaf at the White House, which by the way was the same thing Trump ate.

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