Friday, February 24, 2017

Sanctuary Cities

It is interesting which cities are not sanctuary cities. Do you think Beverly Hills, Brentwood or Malibu are sanctuary cities? Is Pasadena a sanctuary city? These places don't even provide sanctuary to the poor and homeless. They do provide sanctuary to people in the entertainment industry. The ones with lots of money.

I wasn't going to talk about that, just occurred to me. Do you know what it meant when a church offered "sanctuary"? It meant that you would be provided food and board and protection. That you would be cared for and could stay as long as you needed. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is being given true sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and it has cost Ecuador it's relationship with England and the United States. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and San Francisco provide illegal aliens with no shelter or food or protection from being removed from their cities. They just refuse to help. Oh, my what a courageous stand (as you can literally see the sarcasm dripping from my mouth).

Find me a city in the United States that provides real sanctuary to any of it's residents. Los Angeles does regular homeless sweeps and many of those it sweeps are illegal aliens; but, the city doesn't then feed them or give them a place to stay, they just leave them on the streets. How dare it call itself a sanctuary city when it provides no true sanctuary. It should call itself a non-participant city or a not actively involved in people's lives city or maybe even a hypocritical city. This is not the first time. When the Occupy Movement was living at City Hall they told them to stay as long as they wanted and then later removed them using the police and destroyed everything that had been there.

What if we were truly a "sanctuary" nation? What if we promised anyone we gave sanctuary to was provided shelter and food by the government? That would probably mean we would have to offer the same to our own citizens. We would probably think real hard about who deserved sanctuary and how they would impact this culture or giving. Would we allow in bigots or sexists or people who believed in female circumcision or killing gays? Would anyone call for open borders if it meant that the government would have to provide all of those who came with real sanctuary, food and shelter?

I was going to talk about going to dinner with friends or going over the few measly news stories I saved to write about; but, I started writing and this just happened. Pimpernel writes what he writes when he writes. Easier to write than say no doubt.

The media in this country is viciously propagandistic. It's industry is influence peddling for money. There are two ways to con someone, convince them you are dumber than they are or convince them they have nothing to gain by convincing you of something. That is how the con game begins. The media wants you to think they know better than you so the only way they can con you is by making you think they have no skin in the game and are therefore honest. Want to guess how much money the mass corporate media made last year? It is an industry.

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