Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Good Reason To Start Smoking

Lets say you have never smoked and are now over 60, it is a great time for you to start. It takes 30 years to get cancer from smoking and really, how many people will live to be 90, I won't. Same goes for drinking. If you are over 60 it is the perfect time to start smoking and drinking if you never did before. It won't hurt you career and there is a reason so many people smoke and drink, it is pleasurable.

We don't let people under 18 smoke and we shouldn't tax retired people who do. Tobacco taxes are unfair to the elderly. Smoking has been decreasing for 40 years so more older people smoke and as they age we tax cigarettes more which means it hurts the elderly. We don't tax marijuana and that is smoked more by the young.

Imagine if someone proposed putting a 50% tax on marijuana, you think young people would vote in favor of that? Nope; but, they are willing to see a 50% tax on cigarettes. Lets get rid of all use and sales taxes and just tax income. Lets tax people as they benefit from the system, not put them in positions of taxing lifestyles based on which we like.

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