Monday, February 6, 2017

Why the Media Loves Oligarchies in America

Ferdinand Lundberg wrote a book called "The Rich and the Super-Rich". When I was 12 a television producer who was teaching at my church gave me a copy of it to read. After reading it we had a number of fascinating discussions, you see he had met some of the families mentioned in the book. Lundberg also wrote another book called, "America's 60 Families" about the families that own this country. If you want to read the books here are some links.

Archive - America's 60 Families

Amazon - The Rich and the Super-Rich.

Lundberg discussed the press in America's 60 Families and he brought up a fascinating point, he pointed out that the press didn't mind being owned by these families and actually rather liked it. Lundberg pointed out that prior to the depression the financial press was discussing amongst themselves the coming crash; but, didn't publish their findings. In fact, after the crash 80% of the press fought to keep out FDR. Lundberg lists numerous cases where the press almost unanimously failed to publicize event or presented false accounts to benefit the wealthy, nothing has changed.

Consider that prior to the stock market crash in 2007, the media ridiculed anyone who dared to say that we were in a bubble and after the crash the media insisted that it could not be foreseen, yet, that was a lie. Ask yourself why the media has not called for the jailing of the people who responsible for the crash and the rigging of financial markets.

Go back and read media reports about the Occupy Movement. The media despised the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party because they represented movements against the establishment in support of the populace. Read the media reports from the last year and a half that showed Trump or Sanders in a positive light, good luck. The press almost never writes about how 6 companies own 90% of the media in this country. Think about how the press refused to discuss the emails discovered by WikiLeaks that Podesta wrote, if not for the internet the press wouldn't have discussed them at all.

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