Sunday, February 5, 2017

Right to Life or Right To a Life

I don't like Mike Pence. I just want to start with that although I wrote that before we finally voted for President last year. I think he is much more of a totalitarian than Trump would ever even consider. Pence wants to regulate your body, Trump doesn't.

Pence comes from a "religious" part of the party, Trump had been a Democrat. Why did Trump stop being a Democrat, why didn't he run as a Democrat? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Trump has almost never discussed abortion in public. They were not able to go back and find statements by him condemning abortion and he had been in the public eye since the early 80s. When Elton John got married he sent him a congratulatory letter. He openly stated during the election that he did not care which bathroom Caitlyn Jenner used in Trump properties. He had the sister of a transgender sing the national anthem at his inauguration. The media acted as if they thought Trump didn't know about Juliet Evancho or the fact that she is involved in a lawsuit over transgender bathrooms in Pennsylvania. I knew about it. I wrote about Juliet Evancho days after it was announced that she was transgender. Do you really think Trump didn't know about that when he selected Jackie to sing at his inauguration? Yet, the media never talked about Trump having Jackie anyways. The media did not talk about Trump's show of support or the fact that transgender Juliet Evancho was invited to come. You know how I know Juliet was invited to come? Because she turned down the invite and stated she had a prior engagement.

Juliet Evancho had the opportunity to attend the Presidential inauguration as a transgender and turned it down. Juliet made a mistake, Jackie did not. Jackie sang at the inauguration and Juliet failed to show up. Imagine a transgender female showing up at the inauguration standing next to his sister. That would have been on the news and would have normalized people like her even more. It was a public relations dream for Juliet's issue and she didn't take it. Why not?

I guess I may get readers of this post that don't know my feeling and thoughts and haven't read me before talking about the Evanchos because I don't have that many posts on them, maybe five in four years. Jackie Evancho is a great singer, I have seen her twice in person and really enjoy her. She had a brother who is now a sister. He seems like a nice kid, now a girl or young woman or whatever now named Juliet. My attitude about transgender is unusual. I am neither for nor against. Having said that, I am not for sex change operations. I believe wanting to change your natural physicality is harmful and unproductive. I believe we should accept our physicality as much as possible. Some people are tall and don't like it. I would not support them cutting their legs in half to be shorter. I would rather want them to accept themselves as they are. I don't think you can force nature. This should not be surprising as I am against genetically modifying people as a rule. I think nature does that better, if you believe in evolution you will too.

Maybe you cannot see how the title and this tie in. Mike Pence wants to outlaw abortions. He would probably outlaw transgenders too. Mike Pence is pretty much against welfare programs as far as I know. Trump is not, he just wants to create jobs so we people have options. I don't like Pence. There are many people who identify as Republican that are "Pro-Life" or against abortion that are not in favor of social programs. They are happy to see you born; but, don't care what happens to you after that. they just don't want you to be gay or transgender. Read that again if you have to.

Once you are born the world wants to tell you what kind of life you can have. Think about that insanity. Would the extreme pro life people allow abortions of gay babies? What if they could identify "gay sperm", the sperm that creates gay people, would they be okay with killing just those sperms? Would they allow the abortion of hermaphrodites, people born with the sex organs of both sexes? Which bathrooms should hermaphrodites use? Will they give the same answer for transgenders?

If you believe babies have a right to life shouldn't you believe they have a right to choose what that life is? Trangenders are choosing what to do with their body. Some people to have choose tattoos, some people choose to have abortions, some people choose to become exercise freaks or bodybuilders or incredibly obese, we make lots of choices with our bodies. It is as ludicrous to regulate what people can eat (like transfats) because they are unhealthy as it is to outlaw people taking a pill that makes them abort. Regulating how someone treats their body is as morally corrupt as slavery. In fact, it is the essence of slavery. Think about it, think about what right you have to demand that people take care of their bodies or use their bodies as you wish them to.

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