Thursday, February 9, 2017

YouTube Commentators for My Readers

Just for fun and to change up things for my readers, I am going to begin regularly posting the best YouTube video of the day. I will mainly post political commentators; but, I will through some comedy and generally interesting videos too.

Mark Dice - CNN: Calling Us "Fake News" Is Like Using "N-Word"

The Jimmy Dore Show - What Trump Voters Know That The Democrat Elite Don't! (Mark Blyth Interview)

Late Night With Seth Meyers - How Democrats Are Responding to Trump: A Closer Look

I won't usually watch Seth anymore because he anti-Trump all the time. He stopped being funny when the elections began because he had a personal problem with Trump. In fact he attacked Trump at the Press Corp dinner in 2011, long before Trump ran for office or stated any policies.

I am posting this one because I was writing a post about the stupidity  of the media making a story about whether or not Trump wears a robe or not. It is pretty sad  when the media thinks the big news is about whether or not Trump wears a robe. The media is merely attacking every ludicrous item they can and still won't address the issues that elected Trump or how the media is seeking to be a monopoly where only one voice is heard.

The Guardian - Images of Trump in a bathrobe flood Twitter after Sean Spicer says he 'doesn't own one'

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