Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump's Travel Ban

While the corporate media is busy spinning the ban and what the court said about it, I prefer to give you a link to the actual court order.

Fox - Washington v Trump court ruling.

Here is what has actually happened. Firstly, a couple of states sued the federal government over the ban. They asked the court for a temporary restraining order (tro) and was given it while the case goes forward. The federal government appealed the tro and the higher court refused to vacate the lower courts order.

The problem with the President's initial order was that it included people with visas and legal residents. If it had merely banned the issuance of new visas the court would have not issued the tro. Some of the people kept out already lived here and were merely returning home. The executive order by the President also said it would allow religious minorities in these countries to come here. That was unnecessary he could have stuck with existing language that allows people who are being persecuted to come here; but, he wanted to specifically appeal to the Christian community in this country. The fact is Christians are being persecuted in some of the countries that were included in the ban; but, they are not the only ones. Women and gays could easily show that they are also persecuted in the countries listed.

I don't believe the ban was done poorly by accident, I believe it was intentionally done the way it was so that Trump could play the victim attempting to protect us while attacking the courts.

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