Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here is What the Corporate Media Thinks is News

The Daily Beast - Ivanka Trump’s Presidential Clothes Crisis Is More Than a ‘Bra Strap’.

Yahoo - Ivanka Trump wore a £2,418 dress and social media is very confused.

Yahoo - Melania Trump’s $9,590 Sequined Skirt Suit Called ‘Inappropriate’ for Congress

Yahoo - Cosmopolitan - Melania Trump Chooses Sparkles for Joint Address.

Yahoo - Money - Want the Dress Melania Trump Wore to Congress? It’ll Cost You

So the corporate media spent the day talking about what Melania and Ivanka wore to Trump's address to congress. Makes sense because Trump actually gave a really good speech and last night the people who hate Trump even admitted that.

YouTube - 'Democrat should have become worried tonight' Van Jones on Donald Trump's address to congress

YouTube - Tom Brokaw: Trump’s Congressional Address Was ‘Easily the Most Presidential He’s Been’

YouTube - Chris Wallace On President Trump's Speech: One Of The Best Speeches I've Ever Hear.

So why all the negative focus today on what Melania and Ivanka wore? Oh yeah, to avoid talking about how Trump gave a good speech. The media has become nothing but a propaganda machine and you can see it.

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