Friday, March 3, 2017

YouTubers I am Watching

YouTube probably gets more views than anything other than Facebook and Twitter. The biggest YouTuber is PewDePie with about 53 million subscribers. He gets more views in a month than CNN. Still there are tons of other YouTubers that are less well known. I watch many people on YouTube and while I am mainly interested in news stories, I also like to be entertained. These are some of the YouTubers that entertain me. In no particular order.

Randy Santel - Randy does food challenges, which I am not particularly interested in of themselves; but I really like his attitude and commitment. He seems like a decent guy and it is interesting to learn about food challenges.

Elly Awesome - She is a young crazy Aussie girl who is now on an Aussie children's show. I discovered her doing taste tests of different countries snacks. She loves "In and Out" burgers and seems to have too much joy in life.

Rob Dyke - This guy does videos about weird things in the world. He has a good voice and can be very entertaining.

Cayleigh Elise - Like Rob she focuses on weird things. She sets a moody tone with her videos that I like.

Matthew Santoro - He now works for the man; but, I like his videos about random things.

WatchMojo - Top ten lists about anything you can think of produced daily. Always something interesting to hear.

Looper - Random things about movies, always fun.

Leno's Garage - Jay Leno and cars, what more needs to be said.

Stuff they don't want you to know - Another channel with videos about weird stuff.

Strange Mysteries - More videos about random weird stuff.

Wonder Hussy - A women who travels around the desert making videos about different often abandoned places.

Facts - A bunch of young Irish people trying out foods from around the world.

I hope my readers try them out and see if any of them are interesting to you. Have a good night.

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