Friday, March 31, 2017

I Fear Things Are About To Get Weird

The Pimpernel does not have a good brain. The Pimpernel is always looking for anomalies. This is an anomaly.

A few weeks ago WikiLeaks released a series of files called "Vault 7". They released it in parts. The first part asked What is Vault 7, the second asked Where is vault 7, the third asked When is vault 7, the fourth asked Who is vault 7, the fifth asked why is vault 7 and the sixth asked How did vault 7 make it's way to WikiLeaks. Well, the first release of vault 7 was files showing how all of your appliances, cell phones and computers can be used to track and monitor you. Yep.

When WikiLeaks first announced vault 7 there was a lot of speculation about what they were going to release. Would it be about the Iraq war, 9-11, aliens, whatever. In the end vault 7 released information about how the government spies on all your communications. Snowden and Manning already proved that, Vault 7 just showed how it was done. Yet, that is only part one of vault 7 disclosures and we have been told there are very many more coming.

So here is what happened today.

MSN - Fox News - FBI releases photos from 9/11 attack at Pentagon

The FBI released these photos from a website called, "FBI Records: The Vault" . 

I want you to look at the pictures the FBI released and ask yourself a simple question. Why did they keep these pictures as secret since over a decade ago. What is so chilling or personal or confidential that  that these pictures were kept secret so long? Why release these pictures now? If WikiLeaks Vault 7 turns out to be about 9-11 it will not be good. It will be something bad, real bad. I am not saying that I see this coming, I just don't like the anomalies. Be well.

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