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Pastor Carol Daniels Update 4/1/2017

KFOR - Grand jury looking into brutal unsolved murder of Anadarko pastor.

Someone was kind enough to send me the above link to a story about Pastor Daniels.  According to the report a grand jury is investigating a drug dealer that may have been involved in her killing.  The article links to this article:

NewsOK - The Oklahoman - Grand jury looks into brutal 2009 slaying of pastor at Anadarko church.

As much as I would like the truth to come out, I don't buy the story and I will explain why.

Supposedly there was a lady that sold methamphetamine in Anadarko to undercover agents on TWO occasions. This women died in February of this year and now they are holding a grand jury to judge whether or not she killed Pastor Daniels. How does that make any sense? You do not try a dead meth dealer for ever selling meth because they are dead. The dead women that is supposedly being investigate cannot be charged with a crime, again because she is dead. If she had given a deathbed announcement that she had killed Pastor Daniels, you would not need a grand jury, you would just announce that you have been given a deathbed confession.

I fear that some wish to put an end to this cold case by blaming Pastor Daniel's death on a dead drug dealer so that it is no longer treated as an active case. The NewsOK article states, "The main suspect, Denise Kay Cooper, 55, of Anadarko, died of cancer Feb. 21." That is a lie. I have read so much about this case and people have been kind enough to send me a notice everytime something new comes out. The police did NOT have a main suspect and have followed any lead they did get. When did Ms. Cooper become the main suspect? Was it before or after they investigated the heavy metal rockers that they called Satanists or before or after they sent investigators to Chicago?

I hate to say this; but, I think this is more about a small town DA trying to close a case or make a name for himself. Now, my opinion might change if they could show that the dead suspect lived within a block of Pastor Daniels.

The facts we know do not change. Pastor Daniels was killed by repeated knife slashes in a church on a Sunday during service hours, a block away from the police station. While the women being investigated was clearly stupid, getting arrested selling to cops in a town of about 6,000 people, dumb crooks stay away from cops especially when they are known commodities.

They wish to blame Ms. Cooper and close the case. They will tell themselves that they are closing the case so the family can have closure. They have given up on solving this case and just want to close it. Or at least that is a possibility. Here are the questions to be asked, the ones I started my first article about Pastor Daniels with.

1. We know the killer entered through the back door, which the police kept. Why didn't the neighbors hear or hear her screams? Why didn't anyone see the person enter the back door as it was easily seen by the houses behind the church and by people at the gas station a block away?

2. How did the person know that Pastor Daniels would be alone in the church?

3. If the person parked behind the church in the empty lot, why did nobody see the car?

4. Pastor Daniels murder resulted in lots of blood, it would have sprayed the attacker, how did they leave covered in blood and not be seen?

To the family I say, "Do not let them close out Pastor Daniels case unless they can prove that Ms. Cooper killed her, innuendo and guesses should not close this case. Don't let it be closed based on secret testimony that you will never be told. Don't trust them to tell you the truth without evidence. Where is the DNA evidence, where are the pictures, where was Ms. Cooper for the rest of the day and before?

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