Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pimpernel Messed Up

Yesterday I decided to download a Nintendo game and it was a mistake. I have only ever owned Nintendo consoles including the original NES and the original Legend of Zelda game. The best way to play these games now is to download an emulator and a copy of the game on what is called a ROM. This is legal, or so they say, as long as you own the game, which I do. The problem was that the download included a hidden Trojan and malware. As a consequence, my computer got jacked up and my internet browser was hijacked.

As a rule I do not download things from any other than verified publishers like Microsoft or Amazon. I don't even download videos or songs. Well, I lost of my links to stories that I was going to write about and have spent last night and today restoring my computer to it's original settings. Serves me right when I know better. Peace.

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