Sunday, March 19, 2017

Smart Objects and Dumb Politicians

MSN - In the future, devices will think for you.  In the future we will see the "internet of things" where every object has it's own internet address. I told you about this years ago when the internet increased it's number of available individual IP addresses. Think about it this way, think about how everything you buy has an individual barcode. Well, now everything will be connected to the internet that has a barcode, so that it can be tracked and monitored, just like you are.

MSN - Pirelli's smart and stylish connected tires are here. Even your tires can tattletale on you now.

The Gazette - New technology, $10,000 reward aimed at finding Fort Carson soldier's killer from 1987.  We can even tell what you look like from your DNA, past, present and future.

WND - Pat Buchanan - Is McCain hijacking Trump's foreign policy?  To start with, I don't like the source of this article; but, I don't like the Washington Post either. Pat however was in government and was important in decision making so it is worth knowing what he has to say.  The takeaway from this article is that John McCain called Rand Paul a Russian agent for disagreeing with him on a policy, you can find the video on YouTube. It seems the only response that politicians who have sold themselves out to the moneyed interests can do is call people Russian agents.

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