Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Corporate Media, Their Inability to be Be Objective or Truthfull and Trump's Taxes

All day the corporate mainstream media has blared out that Rachel Maddow was going to show Trump's taxes tonight, they even had a countdown clock. Ms. Maddow is on MSNBC which is owned by Comcast. They own NBC, Telemundo and television stations in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey and channels that are distributed to Russia and Eastern Europe. They own even more but I didn't want to bore the reader. The point is they are a very large multinational corporation that is dedicated to globalism.

So Rachel Maddow made a big deal about releasing Trump's tax returns tonight and then when she did it showed nothing of import. We'll get back to that in a second. Her hyping the release was picked up on by multiple news outlets, she trolled the media that she is owned by. And what was the earthshattering news she delivered? That Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005, which was roughly a 25% effective tax rate. For every dollar he made, he paid 24 cents in taxes. Comcast in 2008 paid a 20% effective rate and in 2009 paid a 15% effective tax rate. Comcast makes about $80 billion a year in revenue.

This post is not about tax reform or Trump's taxes, it's about the media. So after releasing Trump's tax return with all this lead up and bull, even Maddow knew she had sold fake news, a nothing story. After releasing this bombshell revelation she said that it was possible that Trump's people had sent it to her news source and that it didn't who what his deductions were, only how much the total was, which is your effective tax rate. If you deduct for your house mortgage it is the exact same thing.

While Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump paid nothing in taxes, that was clearly wrong; but, don't worry the Clinton Global Initiative probably didn't pay any taxes as they claimed to be a charity. I don't like the Clintons. Don't feel bad, I didn't like the Bushes or Obama either. I think they are all globalist crooks. I would love to know what the Clinton Global Initiative paid in 2005 or what Rachel Maddow paid in taxes last year.

What we witnessed tonight was a corporate media shill taking out their credibility completely and even the people at CNBC, which is owned by the same people that own her, Here is the opinion piece from CNBC - Op-Ed: Donald Trump just got a nice victory, thanks, of all people, to Rachel Maddow. A few days ago I posted a link to an article by Matt Taibbi where he wrote about how the media was self destructing because they will promote any anti-Trump rumor that comes their way. A YouTube comedian and political commentator made the same point a couple of days ago. I have been saying this since Trump entered the race.

It gets even worse for Ms. Maddow. Many are ridiculing her from her own mainstream corporate media. The corporate media is destroying itself and they cannot stop themselves. When this last presidential election began I said I was going to focus on the media and all the media ended up being about Trump. And all the media proved itself to be propaganda. Propaganda against Sander and then against Trump. From day one, they were called "populists" by the elitists.

I am going to explain to my readers how the game is played at higher levels. Let's say that Trump did let Rachel Maddow get his tax return because he knew the person he sent them to, that gave them to Maddow, was going to give them to her rather than, I don't know FOX or ABC or the New York Times. After reading it, why did she make a big deal about it and have nothing to show for it? Why intentionally kill your own credibility? The media is killing itself and that is dangerous. It is an outgrowth of how they became whores and sold themselves out for money. We are left with FOX and that is a globalist corporate whore too. We do have the independent media on the internet; but, the biggest of them are dogmatic and blind to other opinions.

Here is some heavy duty History analysis, and I have a degree in that. There used to be two types of societies, there were those who appreciated and honored their elders and history. There were also societies where the elderly or non providers were left to die. There was a group in Papua New Guinea's recent past that used to bury elderly people when they could no longer do anything for themselves, they buried them alive and convinced themselves that their elderly were already dead. I met some of them, I met them through a missionary who was the first to interact with them. It was wild.


I wrote the above last night and when I woke up today I began reading the news. There was an article in the Huffington Post which attempted to show how courageous and what a good report Maddow had done. The corporate medial lacks any sense of introspection. The Huffington Post is owned by AOL which is owned by Verizon.

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