Friday, March 17, 2017

What Happens if Trump Fails?

It is fun to watch the media response to Trump. If nothing else he is a catalyst that causes people to expose themselves. Trump is neither Satan nor savior. He is a reflection of your hopes and fears. People we cannot control make us question whether or not we believe in control and when we think we have the right to control others or societal decisions.

People are sheep, they follow a herd instinct and seek to avoid confrontation or pain. They have no intent and do what they feel benefits them. We count on the rams to lead the pack and know better which fights we can win and which fights we cannot.

The job of the sheepdog is to keep the sheep together and fight off predators to protect them. Not all dogs become good sheepdogs, only the ones that like being around sheep. The shepherds job is to do what is best for the sheep and make them as happy as possible until they need a haircut.

The bible says that a time will come when the shepherds will be bad shepherds and not care about the sheep because they are hired men and the sheep are not theirs. You do not have to be a Christian to understand this analogy about leaders. Our leaders are bad shepherds and Trump is merely exploiting their failure. Our leaders have not worked in our best interests and have not looked out for their sheep.

Whether Trump succeeds or fails doesn't matter. People can see that the system no longer works for them, Trump and Sanders were merely the latest expression of that feeling. It does not matter how the media tells people that life is better when the people in most of this country have only seen things get worse for the past 40 years, you cannot convince things are getting better, the lies don' work anymore.

If the people who have been getting worse off for the last 40 years are not helped, whether by Trump or not, they will only get more extreme. Trump has appeased them for the moment as they are patient and hard working. If Trump does not make them better off we are going to see real extremism. That is what you get when people have no hope. The exact same would have been true if Sanders had one and been prevented from helping them. Sanders and Trump were talking to the same audience.

A war is coming between the rich and the poor and the rich know it. They plan to eliminate the middle class from the west and raise the income of the people from the third world. That has been the plan since the 1970s and I have posted links to their own documents showing that. They don't explain their reasons; but, they explain where we have been headed and why mostly.

If one believes in consolidation of power than one believes in eliminating the middle class. Take your time with that, read it until you get it.

Too big to fail is the same as to big to be influenced or told what to do. That is the banks. The banks are bad shepherds, yet, they control the world. The banks fear the law, government, democracy changing the rules of the game because we might ask that everyone benefits from this world that we all share. They don't want to share.

The "left" is fighting over what they stand for, big donors or the little guy. The "right" is fighting over the exact same thing and Trump promised to take care of the little guy rather than the establishment. That is why the "left" establishment is going after Trump, they are fighting over the corporate money with the establishment "right".

I was watching a news show earlier where the talking head said that Trumps healthcare plan was being written to placate his large corporate donors. He didn't have any. He spent of what Hillary spent and most of it came from him. He didn't solicit donations that was news for months and was used by the corporate media to prove he wasn't serious. I wrote about this a year ago while it was happening and named names.

I'm sorry, what is the point. The point is that the people in charge are not getting it. The sheep are looking for a good shepherd and don't like or trust any that have come in the last 40 years, they will not go back and trust them again if Trump fails, they will just get mean. The left has nothing to offer the middle class, the right has nothing to offer the middle class, keep proving that. Trump and Sanders were merely mirrors.

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