Monday, March 27, 2017

The Truths is Inside You and #Pizzagate.

There is a group called Inforwars. It is run by a man named Alex Jones. I think some of the information Mr. Jones provides is worthy of investigate; but, I never take his word for anything and don't use him as a source. I have more faith in Styxhexenhammer666 (a libertarian and occultists according to his own words) and H.A. Goodman (a socialist) being objective in their analysis than I do of Mr. Jones.

Infowars had previously done pieces on #Pizzagate and for all Mr. Jones's bravado, he had to issue a formal apology.

YouTube - A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage.  Now, I can tell you why he apologized, he apologized because he was threatened with a lawsuit. While he makes millions and can afford a lawsuit, his attorneys told him to apologize.

When the Pizzagate story broke, I wrote about it. I wrote that it was garbage, not because it might not be true; but, because there was no specific evidence linking anyone to a specific crime. If someone has specific evidence of a specific crime my recommendation is always, DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET, GIVE IT TO THE POLICE. I think I have made that abundantly clear over the years. My most read post in history is about the murder of Pastor Carol Daniels and I have told commenters that I will not post unsubstantiated claims regarding the matter and that if they have something new to add to the investigation they should give it to the police. I even told the OSBI that they have my permission to look at anything I have received. Let me be clear, if someone ever sent a comment with information regarding the murder of Pastor Daniels that I knew was provable, I would not post it and would send it to the police instead.

So what does this have to do with Pizzagate, nothing and everything. There are valid and reasonable rules regarding libel and slander and those rules apply to the internet. The fact of the matter is that slander (spoken words) are almost never the subject of lawsuits because if you tell your brother someone is a crook, he probably won't swear in court that you said it and it would be hard to prove that the statement cost you money or a promotion or a job. Libel is different, it is the written word and the law is different because published statements last forever and an apology doesn't stop all of the damage.

An example is in order. If I am talking on the phone to my brother and say that Donald Trump is a pedophile, it is almost impossible for me to believe that Trump could effectively sue me for slander. Any evidence would be hearsay and inadmissible in court. If I am on CNN and say the exact same thing, I can be sued for libel and quite easily. I am unaware of anyone ever being successfully sued for slander or libel for things they said on the CB radios that were so popular in the past.  They were almost never recorded and were immediate. CBs were radios, like long range walkie talkies that truckers and others used while just rollin along.

I didn't get caught in the trap and I told my readers to NOT repost speculation or we would all lose credibility. Here is what I posted at the time.

The Truth is Inside You - Pizzagate? The Coonsequence of Fake News and Being Like the Mass Media

Read the post written last year when the "story" first broke. I wrote to my readers to not repost garbage on their social media. I talked about law suits and being provable. Nothing has changed for me, I am not afraid of being de-monetized because I have never been monetized. I am not afraid of being sued because I always link to the source. Speculation is fine to a degree, it is fine when it is just you or you are just speaking to a trusted group of friends who know when you are being stupid. When you have a million followers or a hundred thousand followers, like Styxhexenhammer666. you have to understand your words can be libel.

There is a old saying, "With great power comes great responsibility", there are many variations on it; but, they all mean the same thing. When one starts having as much power and as many readers as some local newspapers one should assume they will be held to the same standard. Here now is the truth about Pizzagate. Nobody has presented evidence of a "specific" crime committed by a "specific" person. Nobody has actionable evidence of a real crime. Tell me when, where, why or how a crime was committed. If you think you have specific evidence DON'T POST IT ON THE INTERNET, give it to the police.

Now to pedophilia. There are rich and powerful people involved in pedophilia. I have previously posted to

YouTube - Boys for Sale (1981 Forgotten Documentary).

YouTube - CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE [Banned Discovery Channel Documentary]            

I am not afraid of addressing the issue. I have done it more than once; but, knowing that there are rich pedophiles does not mean you know who they are or what they did or have anything to give law enforcement. Do not accuse people of crimes that you cannot prove have merit. If lots of people read your links or Facebook then monitor what you allow. Don't have Facebook edit you, edit yourself. Do the same in your personal life. Don't ignorantly say every thought that comes into your head.

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