Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Are You Paying Your Local Government to Track Your Movement?

Los Angeles is big, it is real big. There are 88 distinct cities in Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles is just one. Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Lancaster are just some of the better known ones. The County of Los Angeles also includes areas that are not cities, we call them unincorporated areas. The County has about 11 million residents and encompasses about 4,750 square miles. That is more land mass than some states. It is in fact twice the size of Maryland.

Do you understand that your taxes are paying for a future where you are monitored all day by the government and private industry? Do you know that your taxes are paying to eliminate your jobs if you are in the transportation industry.

Let me explain. Right now towns throughout the United States are paying ten times as much to stripe their crosswalks so that self driving cars will know where the lanes are. There has been NO media reporting on how we are all spending more to paint the streets rather than pave them. Now you are about to take your sales tax and use it to pay to monitor your movements.

Soofa Bench Yes, a bench that allows you to charge your phone while tracking every phone around it and tracking the users.

Soofa Bench Information.  Here is a page from their website where they talk about data mining. If you think this is garbage, read how the City of Boston, of Los Angeles and New York are using these benches right now and you taxes are being used to pay for them.

Watch the video, it is 3 minutes long. It has the mayor of Boston talking to someone from Soofa on a bench installed in Boston and ends with the people of Boston being asked where they want their benches installed without once discussing price or how your tax dollars are going to pay for them.

There are other companies building these.

YouTube - EcoUnix - Smart solar powered Bench

This is all being done to create "Smart Cities.

YouTube - What is a Smart City

 A smart city knows when you leave your house, where you are going, when you get there and adjusts to give preference to some over others. It exists to make personal transportation, cars, harder to use for everyone but those who pay extra.

Here is some news for you, cities live off of sales taxes and parking fines along with fees for permits. Counties live off of property taxes, fees and fines. States live off of income tax, sales tax, fees and fines. The federal government lives off of income tax. The wealthy pay no more sales, fees of fines than the rest of us. You can only buy so many cars per year. Sales taxes fall more on the poor and middle class than on the wealthy. Income tax falls on them. They have to pay as they benefit. They don't like that which is why they are against income tax. It is also why 95% of all deductions only apply to the wealthy.

The people in charge want to monitor you and they want you to pay for it. That is why municipalities are using sales tax to pay for it when at the same time they are claiming they cannot pay for teachers or roads to be repaired. The working and middle class are paying to eliminate the 3.2 million jobs in transportation, your local taxes are paying to build the infrastructure to monitor and control you.

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