Wednesday, March 22, 2017

You Have To Keep an Eye on Politicians Making Investing Decisions

We are continuing to see a couple hundred views per day. I do hope that those who enjoy my ramblings would be kind enough to send others here to check out the site. I am currently considering posting on YouTube. I would probably make videos with no pictures of me, just illustrative pictures and a voice recording.

I don't have a problem with public speaking, I am just not sure if I want my face on the internet. The truth is that blogging began dying out just as I started this blog. The chance of getting heard is greater on YouTube than it is on blogger. Two things I do not like about vlogging are the facts that it forces one to act faster and it's focus on images. I prefer the written word; but, if the words are not heard it does not matter and format determines distribution. I don't monetize this site, it pays nothing; but, being more widely distributed would be nice. I seek to cause conversation, not agreement.

Let's talk about pensions, how you are played and how money is stolen from others because of you. That is a head scratcher isn't it. Here is an article, you have to read it to get the joke.

The Mercury News - U.S.-Mexico border wall fight: California considers divesting from companies involved in the project.  The Mercury News is the newspaper for San Jose, a very liberal tech area. People in that area are really in favor of immigration, especially tech people, it keeps wages down. The article talks about how the state legislature wants to make a law telling the pension funds that they cannot invest in any company that helps build the wall between the United States and Canada.

While you ponder how you feel about the wall, you miss the point. While you ponder whether people should or should not buy stock in companies that you think should change their policies or who they contract with. While you ponder these things that are irrelevant, you miss the point. You miss the trick, start by knowing politicians are fraudsters and everything they say is for another reason, their priorities are not what you think, their priorities are them.

The pension fund in question is not owned by the state, it is owned by the people that have paid into the pension, the pensioners. The state does NOT own the pension, it is not their money. A pension is like a bank account, it is forced savings by you and for you in lieu of getting paid more money now. Politicians in California want to tell the pension fund where they can and cannot invest; but, are the willing to pay the pension fund if it loses money because of these investments? NO, they are not. Remember how we have been told every public pension in the country is bankrupt, they are not, now the politicians want to force investment decisions that might hurt the pensions even more with the state being responsible. If the state dictates how the pensions invest, the state takes on legal responsibility for the pensions wins and losses.

The game you are witnessing is not about border walls, it is not about Trump, it is about stealing pension money, directing where it goes and being paid for such help. I have not written about pensions in a while and some of my newer readers may not understand what I am talking about. For them, find the tag at the bottom of this post which says "pension fraud", if you click it you should see all the other posts about this subject. Basically, everything you believe about the state of public pensions is a lie, they are in a great place. I know that is hard to believe; but, remember the media lies to take care of corporate interests. Read the posts.

Pension are being robbed because that is where the money is in the eyes of Wall Street. Thieves do not rob Fort Know, they rob the local bank that is not as savvy or well protected. That is the reason the biggest crooks in the past 20 years are stealing from pensions and 401k's. Read the posts about Elliot Broidy and the CIM Group, read the posts and understand that all the politicians involved benefited from helping developers in their cities.

I have noticed that the new readers are focused on politics. the pension fraud threads are politics and money and propaganda.

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