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Articles About Pastor Carol Daniels.

Here is a partial list of articles related to the murder of Pastor Daniels. I don't know how many other articles I have linked to over the years; but, if you go to the bottom of this post you will find a tag. If you click the tag it will bring up all my previous posts, or at least most of them.

Newschannel4 - Grand jury looking into brutal unsolved murder of Anadarko pastor.
Newschannel4 - New reward for info in Okla. pastor’s murder.
The Oklahoman - Grand jury looks into brutal 2009 slaying of pastor at Anadarko church.
News9- Media Reports Reveal Grisly Details in Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
News9 - Crime Expert Analyzes Clues From Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
Newson6 - Authorities: Killer Staged Pastor's Body.
News9 - Community Shaken by Pastor's Murder Remains Strong in Faith.
News9 - DA Says Anadarko Church Murder Most Shocking Case of Career.
OSBI - Reward Offered in Anadarko Murder.
OSBI - OSBI Continues Working Pastor Daniels' Homicide Case 4 Years After Murder.
OSBI - Commission Meeting 5/18/2010 - Item 5.
OSBI - OSBI Renews Reward in Pastor Homicide Case on Anniversary.
News9 - Investigation Continues into Anadarko Pastor's Death.
News9 - Criminologist Gives Opinion on Pastor's Brutal Murder.
News9 - Investigators Seek FBI's Help in Solving Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
News9 - ME's Autopsy Notes Reveal Slain Pastor's Wounds.
News9 - Close Friend of Murdered Pastor Recalls Sunday's Discovery.
News9 - Brutal Killing Of An Anadarko Preacher Before Multicounty Grand Jury.
Unresolved Mysteries - Oklahoma Pastor Brutally Mutilated and in Her Own Church in 2009 Remains Unsolved.
Newson6 - Man claims he saw murder suspect fleeing Anadarko church.
CNN - Oklahoma pastor was found nude stabbed behind alter source says.
CNN - Pastor died from "sharp force" wounds, autopsy shows.
Examiner-Enterprise - Case of slain pastor remains unsolved after 4 years.
ibtimes - Oklahoma pastor Carol Daniels killed inside church.
USA Today - Police: Slain Okla. pastor's body was 'staged'.
kswo - OSBI agents may have new suspect in the murder of an Anadarko pastor.
The Dreamin Demon - Pastor Carol Daniels Murdered in her Church, her body staged.
kjrh - 4 years after grisly murder of Reverend Carol Daniels Oklahoma agents continue hunt for killer.
theodysssetyonline - God's Razor Of Judgment.
practicalhomicide - Crime Expert Analyzes Clues From Anadarko Pastor's Murder.
scaredmonkey - foxnews - Oklahoma Pastor Found Dead Inside Her Church.
websleuths - OK - Rev. Carol Daniels, 61, Anadarko, 23 Aug 2009. This site has many theories and links, including one to this blog. I am not going to post all of the links they have provided, the reader can do that by following the thread at websleuths.
freerepublic - ksbi - What Preliminary Report Says About Pastor's Death (Oklahoma Pastor Carol Daniels).
FOX - Report: Murdered Pastor Found Naked in 'Crucifix Position' Inside Church
theoaklandpress - Mother: Slain Oklahoma pastor 'just loved people'.
Tulsaworld - Grand jury looks into brutal 2009 slaying of pastor at Anadarko church                           .
NewsBlaze - ‘Bone-Chilling’ Or ‘Spooky’ Describes The Ritual Killing of Rev. Carol Daniels.
autopsyfiles - Pastor Carol Daniles autopsy. I have read it before and don't recommend it; but, I want to include relevant information and save people time looking things up. I would add one thing, the wounds make it appear that the killer was right handed, attacked her from in front and then slit her throat from behind.
Indianapolisrecorder - Police say slain pastor's body 'staged' in church.

Here are the few facts we know based on evidence. On Sunday, August 23, 2009, Pastor Carol Daniels was found dead in Anadarko, Oklahoma. She was murdered inside her church. She would drive there over 50 miles away from her home in Oklahoma City to provide services for two members of their denomination. The members were old and did not show up every week. I didn't get this from the linked articles above, I have been following this case since it happened.

There is a videotape of Pastor Daniels arriving at the church and entering it. That means she entered through the front door where her car was parked. There is no videotape of the back door, which was later removed and kept in evidence by the police. I believe the killer entered through the back door and either wrote or drew something on it worthy of it being removed and kept by the police.

Pastor Daniels was not robbed. The autopsy verified this and one of the family members even commented on this fact on this blog. The closest article I ever found regarding anything missing was Pastor Daniels mother asking about some attaché case or such and that would be in one of my previous posts. Pastor Daniels car was not stolen and remained in front of the church although the killer would have had access to the keys. We have never been told if any "souvenirs" were kept by the killer.

We know Pastor Daniels entered through the front door. We know she was killed from in front of her and we know the killer entered through the back door. I have never seen a layout of the church. I don't know what rooms may have been in the back of the church, I will at least assume the church had a bathroom and maybe that was where the killer hid. We do not know when the killer entered the church or if they had been there all night or for hours. It is most likely they were already inside the church when Pastor Daniels entered. That and the fact that DNA evidence was destroyed by the killer means that it was premeditated.

Pastor Daniels had defensive wounds and would have screamed, loudly; but, nobody reported hearing any noise, including the next door neighbor. Nobody reported seeing anything, including the people living on the backside of the church who would have had a clear view of anyone entering through the back. More importantly, nobody noticed a vehicle parked behind the church. This brings up the question of how someone covered in blood, as they would have been, could have exited through the back and not be seen.

Now lets consider the evidence the police have. They have none. Zip, zero. They have NO DNA evidence or they would have a conviction. They have NO witnesses or it would have come out. They have no physical evidence pointing to a specific person or it would have come out. They have no similar murders or it would have come out. They have no fingerprint evidence or we would have known. If they had fingerprints then they would have compared them to databases, if in the database they would have identified the killer, if not in the database, they would have started fingerprinting everyone in the area.

The police have no hard evidence, period. All they have is the possibility of a confession and none was given. If their current suspect, the dead meth user, had confessed they would have said so. All they have is rumors and accusations. The rumors of Satanists or atheists turned out to be silly and nonsense. Some have tried to blame a serial killer named Israel Keyes; but, there is absolutely nothing showing he had ever been in that town and it did not fit his methodology.

After killing Pastor Daniels the killer locked the front door from inside. They didn't just leave, they locked the front door and staged the body. That says something about them. Most killers want to get away as quickly as possible, this one didn't, they stuck around and staged the body. They wanted to confuse the police and they took the Pastor's clothes after they killed her. That took time. Why did they take her clothes. My guess is that they were afraid their blood or other body fluid was on the clothes. My readers know I don't like to be graphic on this site; but, it is possible that the killer masturbated on Pastor Daniels clothes. BTK used to do that, you can look him up. BTK used to write that he killed out of sexual urges; but, he never once had sex with his victims, he masturbated onto their clothes, usually underwear. He would also take pictures. He also staged one of his victims inside a church where he was a Deacon. BTK brought a camera to at least two of his murders, did this person do the same? Just wondering things as they occur to me.

I have not gone back and read all of my old posts. I have not gone back and read all of the links in my previous posts. I did not like reading about the autopsy again tonight. I don't like thinking about or reading about this case. I am disgusted by what happened on so many levels and have lived with this case too many years. I never know what to say when I receive comments from people who knew her; but, I know I deserve no thanks for having written about it.

I do not believe the internet will solve this case, I never have. My father was in federal law enforcement and I grew up talking about crimes. I graduated law school with honors and never wanted to practice or be involved in any way with criminal law. I didn't want to even practice law at all and never have. I do not find crimes glamorous and have no respect for anyone in organized crime, they are scum to me. Other than financial crimes, I don't believe I have written about many actual crimes on this blog in 8 years. Prior to this blog I did write about one crime, I wrote about BTK. I wrote as catchputz on a Wichita newspapers website and I accurately predicted many thing about him, you can look up the Wichita paper's thread on it. I studied under Jack Levin of Northeaster the expert on serial killers and had contacted him about the case a month or two before BTK reappeared and after Professor Levin had written me that the case wasn't worth reviewing because the killer was dead or in jail. I told him he was wrong and he was. Profilers are fine when the crime fits the "normal" pattern, they only misdirect when they are not the "normal" killer. Turned out I was more correct than the FBI because BTK did resurface and was caught by sheer luck. He was dumb enough to leave DNA evidence and use a computer that had registered it's software. Oops. He made a stupid mistake 40 years later and got caught. There is always hope in finding the guilty so long as we do not accept conclusions based on conjecture alone and I have nothing but conjecture and a knowledge of what is not right. This was not a robbery. Anyone taking her clothes would have taken her ring, they were not afraid of removing things from the scene.

I do not know if I can be objective about this case anymore and I see no value in my not being objective and coldly analyzing it. My first post was about how the police were looking in the wrong places. I think they are still looking in the wrong places for easy answers that they don't have to prove. I cannot think objectively knowing that the family has read this blog. I cannot look objectively and self edit what I say. How did the killer get blooded soaked clothes out and why did they take them, why did they burn her hair, why did they destroy the DNA evidence, what did they do to the back door (though my guess is, it was misdirection just like the staging of the body), why didn't they panic after the killing, why didn't they take her ring, why did they enter through the back and most importantly, how did they know the church would be empty on a Sunday during services? How many of those questions can be answered in blaming a dead meth junkie and be believed?

To Pastor Daniels family, I say, I am sorry have don't have more to offer. I don't know who killed Pastor Daniels and if I did, I wouldn't write about it, I would call the OSBI. Their number is included in their links above. We know where she was killed, we know what happened to her, we know how she was killed, we know when she was killed, We don't know why or who killed her and the evidence that we do know doesn't answer those questions. Everyone with a monetary or know relationship issue has been ruled out by the cops. We don't know the who until we get a confession, all else is guessing and it seems all rumors apply if the grand jury is going to blame a dead meth addict.

Don't let this case be closed based on rumors or self serving confessions by "accomplices" who get immunity. To the family again I say, I am sorry I don't have more to offer. The killer had a lot of confidence that they would get away with this. They knew the area and the church. This murder was intended, premeditated and the killer knew what happened at that church on Sundays, the only day of the week when Pastor Daniels would be there alone. How many times had this supposed meth head killer been there on Sundays and why hadn't anyone noticed her? I cannot say the killer will ever be identified; but, does it really matter if others know who it was? It may happen; but, will change anything?

I don't know what it means to living killing someone. I come from a military family; but, I don't ask them about killing. I do know this, when you die you look at yourself and judge your past actions. That is when you discover that forgiving others is easier than forgiving yourself and God forgives us all. Jesus forgave his killers and I know Pastor Daniels family have forgiven her killer. Maybe that is all we can ever come away from with this case. That might be enough.

Peace and love to all my readers, I shall return to my usual nonsense for the next few days. I have been saving articles to post about. I just had to do this post first.

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