Monday, April 17, 2017

Freedom of Speech and Oligarchs.

The two people that the corporate media and the establishment hate re Matt Drudge and Alex Jones. Matt Drudge is the owner of the Drudge Report, an online web site that lists news articles from around the world. Alex Jones is the owner of the website Infowars, a right leaning site.

For my longtime readers you might notice that I do not link to either of those sites as a rule; but, I do check them daily. Drudge is fine; but, I link to the stories they reference because I prefer to use source documents. Infowars is too biased and alarmist for me to use. When I list out news stories I tend to direct the reader to the actual words in the stories to make my points.

I cannot recommend Infowars to my readers; but, I am amazed at the vitriol being aimed at it by the corporate media. It is likely that most people don't pay any attention to Infowars or take it with a grain of salt. Having said that, the site gets millions of hits a month. Since the primaries the corporate media has been attempting to ridicule everything said on Infowars and Facebook and Google have attempted to deny it advertisement revenue. The owner of the site Jones has been accused of being a white nationalist (he is not), a Nazi (he is not) and a fear monger (he is).

Right now we are seeing the establishment and corporate media attacking all the opinion leaders on the internet including Pewdee Pie, a harmless comic who has the most subscribers on YouTube. As for Mr. Jones he is currently going through a divorce and apparently his wife has made some strong accusations against him in order to get sole custody of their three kids.

MSN - NBC News - InfoWars' Alex Jones Is a 'Performance Artist,' Lawyer Claims. The article states that his wife has claimed that Jones is unstable. Apparently Jones' attorneys said that his on air persona is a character. NBC seems to think that this discredits Jones, it does not. Lets face it, all media personalities are characters. John Oliver is playing a part that is written for him by a staff of writers. Stephen Colbert literally played a conservative character on the Daily Show. These are all people playing a role to make their points, that is nothing new. Heck, even politicians are creating their personas to gain your trust.

So, what is really behind the attack on internet content providers? Well, it's pretty simple, there are too many of them to buy them all out. Jones and others made sure that the DNC e-mails released by WikiLeaks got coverage when the corporate media did not want them to. Bill Clinton approved the deregulation of the media and that led to 6 companies owning 90% of all the media that you read and hear except on the internet. Of course the establishment wants to control that to because they want to control what you read and hear.

History should teach us lessons and it does. Throughout history the world has been controlled by oligarchies be they kings, dictators or the wealthy. They all seek the same thing, the consolidation of power over the population. While many will claim that wars are about religion, even that narrative is false, all wars are about the consolidation of power and the taking of resources. The civil war was not about slavery and Lincoln went into it with no intention of freeing the slaves, it was about consolidating power over all the states. World War I was not about one dead Duke, it was about European nations seeing who would control the continent. The Europeans killed millions in Africa not to civilize them but to conquer and subjugate them and take their resources. Nothing has changed.

As the establishment seeks to take control globally through economic means we are seeing the next big attempt at consolidating power. The people in power see winners and losers and they intend to be the winners and this is why populism or majority rule scares and upsets them. When oligarchies have too much power they tend to suppress the rights of the citizenry, that is history

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