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Pastor Daniels and Linda Dunlap

Dear Ms. Dunlap,

I received and posted your comment tonight. I was going to comment to you on the same post and wrote it up then deleted it. Then I was going to UPDATE that particular post, edit the original which was just two links to articles about the grand jury; but, I found my update was too long for an update so I have decided to make a post specifically about the question you raised about the intent having been robbery.

I found myself drawn into the case itself and while it started out to you became a discussion of why I don't believe it was a robbery and why I don't believe the police are looking in the right place. I am going to post here what I was writing on the update on the other post. I am a strange person with a strange mind and I grew up around law enforcement people. I humbly apologize if I write and think in a callous manner; but, I have to be emotionless to see beyond the horror if I am to see any truth. The horror of this case, I believe, was used to hide the real motive for it.

We look for motive, I look for motive; but, it is impossible to imagine all the possible motives not having known Pastor Daniels. I cannot say what type of person Pastor Daniels was, I can only repeat what her family has said about her. All I know about her is that she drove a long way to pastor to two old people in a church that had no other regular members, a dying church. I assume the two elderly members did not kill her. I take that as a given. I assume that not too many people in Anadarko even knew about that church or it's congregation. I assume not too many people knew it would be empty on a Sunday during services. I assume that the church held nothing of monetary value and that nobody assumed it did in that town.

There are other things I believe. I believe the killer knew that Pastor Daniels would be there even if nobody else was. The killer believed that they would have their chance to kill her with no witnesses and have the chance to cover up the DNA evidence. The killer believed they could kill Pastor Daniels with a knife and that nobody would hear her screams or see them leave even though they were a block away from the police station and a gas station, both of which could see people entering and leaving through the back door.

I believe this case can be solved with a map of the area. Here is what I would have wanted to know. How many people travel past that church during those hours on a Sunday while Pastor Daniels would have been there? I am an analyst, I like data. What percentage of the people who drive past that church on a Sunday during service hours would have known that the church would be empty except for the Pastor? I have to believe it is a really small number.

I have an in-law with a relative who killed someone in a town like Anadarko. They blew an old women's brain out to cover up a theft or under a $100. They have been sent to jail for life. I have never met them. I know that people can kill for pennies. Pastor Daniels was not killed in a robbery. She didn't run a 7-11. If you are going to rob someone and kill them, you at least make sure money will be there. My in-law killed for money in a robbery.

Here is a question. How many times has the gas station that is two blocks away from the same police station robbed in a month? How many times has the manager of that gas station been killed in the course of a robbery? I bet the answer is none and if you are looking to rob someone and are prepared to kill and hide the DNA evidence, why would you attempt to rob a church with nothing of monetary value in it instead of the gas station where you know there is money?

I believe that the authorities want to close this case and cannot do it honestly. If there were DNA evidence, this case would not go to a grand jury, it wouldn't need to. Consider the Zodiac case, the prime suspect for most was a man named Arthur Allen and DNA evidence proved it was not him after 40 years. If the police had DNA evidence in this case it would have come out, they don't, they have said they don't.

The police have NO witnesses, they have NO DNA evidence, they have said so. You don't close a case until you have SOME evidence, not conjecture or supposed witness admissions from people who need immunity for other crimes. Right after this crime a homeless guy claimed to have seen the killer come out the front door covered in blood. You can look that up. Turned out he was lying to get stuff from reporters. I called it out at the time. The killer came in and exited the backdoor and the cops kept that door, that was reported at the time. We have to stick with the facts we know to fight lies.

If the three women came to rob Pastor Daniels, why did they use the locked back door and break in rather than walk in through the open front door once the Pastor had arrived? Why wasn't the killer afraid of the noise and the screams? The pastor had defensive wounds, I read the autopsy, I just didn't post it out of respect for the family. How many people, even crazed junkies and I've know them too, would think that the best place to rob was a church on a Sunday during services? How many people, even crazed junkies from out of town, would know that they could get away with hiding the DNA evidence of such a murder and prepare for it?

Whoever killed Pastor Daniels knew the area very, very well. They also knew Pastor Daniels schedule in that area very, very well. They also knew they could get away without being noticed, even if they parked in the back and kicked the door in. How did they know these things, how many people had the OPPORTUNITY to know these things. How did the junkie know these things? If they knew these things, then why pick this target? That is a real question too. We can figure out who would have known the churches schedule and Pastor Daniels schedule and it isn't many. How many of those people would have known how to get away and not be noticed. That is even fewer and doesn't include her ex.

I haven't stopped following the case and will not delete this blog until and if it is solved, I made that promise when I deleted so much of my two prior iterations of this blog. Last month this blog got over 5,000 hits. My post on Pastor Daniels is my single most read post and got fewer than that in seven years. This blog is not widely read, even now and I had planned to stop doing it many times. I will not end this blog as long as there is new information regarding this case. When there is new information, I will comment and post on it.

To Pastor Daniels family I must open myself. I didn't do this for you to read in the beginning, I never wondered if you would. I only got about 6 or 7 readers per post. This blog was never meant to have been read by more than that. This blog was never meant to do anything other than teach my readers how to look at the world differently. This case was being looked at wrong and I used it as an example for my readers to look beyond the lies and garbage. You never have to thank me for the post or talking about Pastor Daniels. It is an honor to keep a place for her to be remembered; but, I cannot take credit for an intent that I did not have. That post helped me to see life in another way, it helped me to see my written words in another way. The experience of the last few years related to what I have seen on this blog about that post has caused me to look at so many things about writing and I write to write.

I am me, nothing more and I write to examine things. Christians should know that it is not just what we think but what we then say that defines us. A thought is fulfilled when it becomes an action even if that action is just words, words can be examined and judged by others, they can be questioned the same as actions can. I write to challenge and be questioned. I write to cause conversation and question the common narrative as that is frequently influenced by politics and interests. I say this so that you can better understand my perspective on the case.

There was a man named Charles Forte and he wrote about anomalies and how people responded to them. I have written about him before on this blog. He collected articles about anomalies and then wrote about how people responded to them. They respond with unproven lies that cannot be debated as there is no evidence for them. He wrote about articles that had appeared all over the world, and still appear, about fish falling from the sky. People would most often blame it on tornadoes or cyclones with no evidence of either having occurred. They picked answers that avoided being tested and he saw that as insincere. He was a sceptic to be sure.

Evidence is the residue of an event. It is rarely if ever complete. I am a sceptic of all I am told that does not fit the evidence. Robbery does not fit the evidence in this case. Random selection does not fit the evidence of this case. The evidence in this case indicates that someone who was known in the area to frequent the area around the church committed the crime with planning and intent. The person who committed this crime was not a serious suspect then and is not now.

Here is what I cannot accept. Two female junkies entered the church on a Sunday during service hours knowing there might be at least two more people in the church, willing to kill all three with the screams and possibility of one escaping to the street and alerting others, including the police one block away. Whoever did this knew they would not be caught in the act and could get away without being noticed. How many people could that apply to? I think, for what it is worth, that this case can be solved with a map. That means no more or less than I said.

I cannot see allowing this case to be closed until the evidence proves something. I don't think this case should be closed based on the words of someone trying to avoid being convicted of another crime. If the prosecutors are not willing to charge someone with the crime then don't accept testimony in the place of physical evidence. It is better to keep the case open than close it based on rumors. At least that is my belief.

If this case is closed, I would hope that after the grand jury is done some of the members read this and ask themselves if they can answer the questions I raised. The family is better off not believing lies than accepting a lie to find peace.

I have run out of words. Too man random thoughts and not enough words. My prayers and thoughts go out to Pastor Daniels family, as always. May God grant you peace.

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