Tuesday, April 11, 2017

There is No National Debt. It is a Concept of Slavery.

I was about to go to sleep and I just had to make this post. Conversations I have had with people caused me to feel this need.

I read all the papers, I watch all the news. I watch the left and the right and the completely insane. I read and watch all perspectives. The corporate media constantly tell us that every child born in America is born owing $60,000.  If you are born into debt then you are born into slavery. That is literally the definition of being into slavery.

Debt is a personal thing. You have to agree to it. Only I can sell me into slavery. Prison is a place, slavery is a state of mind, the concept of owing someone else without having received anything requested in advance. You can trade your personal rights and privileges to others; but, nobody else is morally entitled to bind you to their agreements.

The only tax that is not slavery is the income tax. Sales tax on baby food is slavery. Think about it, why should a baby have to pay taxes on eating when the children of the wealthy don't pay taxes on what they inherit. The wealthy call inheritance taxes a death tax; but, you can't tax the dead, they just wont pay. They call sales tax a use tax, babies use food to live, I guess it is a life tax. You owe another for living and they inherited that right to everything. That is what kings and queens are and the government apparently.

There are rich people who believe income tax is wrong, the don't believe that you should pay as you benefit from society. They believe you should be taxed for living, for breathing and for drinking and eating. They believe that the fact that you are on this earth means you owe them, that is what national debt is.

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