Saturday, May 6, 2017

An Open Letter To H.A. Goodman About You and TYT

I have been busy with a few things. Even the Pimpernel gets distracted. I have been helping a relative and doing some work for money. When I get to busy to write good posts, I collect articles and save them. Often by the time I can write again, some of the articles lose my interest. When that happens sometimes I will just list a whole bunch out and let the reader decide what to read.

I planned on writing about the articles today, you know, listing them out and giving a brief comment on each. Instead I am going to talk about what is on my mind. Someone I have recommended to my readers is a guy named H.A. Goodman. I like the guy. I don't agree with him on some things; but, I like his perspective and willingness to challenge people who are of his political perspective. The guy rarely gets angry on video or cusses. I cuss a lot in real life, I mean I cuss all the time; but, obviously I don't on this blog. When I first started writing online I was a lot harsher, not on this blog, before I started this blog and was on different social sites. I cuss a lot and can be very cutting even without cussing. The Pimpernel had a tendency to go for the jugular.

In my business life I was actually a little softer. I let many a person who stabbed me in the back live. The more influence you have, the more I think you should temper your approach. When I started my career, I started at the bottom and was incredibly combative and could get away with it because I was also incredibly prepared and quick. Old and slow now. I always gave a break to those below me in the organization. I believe insecure people fight those with less power and secure people should fight those with more power.

In the scheme of things, H. A. Goodman has less power than TYT. TYT has millions of viewers and H. A. has about 70,000. One of TYT's people chose to attack H. A.  I didn't like that. He called them out for their BS and one of their people attacked his intent, rather than what he said. H. A. does not cuss much; but, he was really upset and fought back. The guy that attacked him, he liked and I am sure he felt betrayed and I understand that. I got cheated on by my wife of 24 years, I understand feeling betrayed and it is not a good feeling.

This is an open letter to H. A. Goodman, shit happens, people make mistakes and say things that are hard to take back. My ex did it to me. I restrained myself during my divorce because I wanted to be the better me and MY CHILDREN WERE WATCHING. I had to ask myself who I wanted to be and look myself through others eyes. I don't link to TYT or Alex Jones for a reason, while both have some people I like, I cannot recommend the people they work for or their organizations. I do not rely on income from this blog and as Cindy Lauper said, "Money Changes Everything". HA, take a second and listen to the song.

I will use an analogy I have used many times. A poor Korean family moves to the United States and they all live in a one bedroom apartment and save every penny, deny themselves everything to start a quick mart and then argue with customers over a penny. When you have nothing it is easy to risk everything, when you have everything it is hard to risk anything. Jesus told us that, one does not need to believe he was our savior to understand that he said it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a camel to go through the head of a needle; but, that through God all things were possible.

H. A., I do not think you were wrong about Jordan originally. I think he is feeling challenged and is working through things. You can feel hurt or ask why he came at you. That is a tough thing to do and I had to do it with my ex. Sam Kinston said that women during a break up feel a need to insult our genitalia, mine did not do that to me, she insulted my intelligence. She said I had lost my once formidable intellectual abilities. If you read this blog you will see I have not, read the tags about pension fraud. While I found her words insulting, I cannot say that I ever believed her. It never really hit me where it would hurt the most even though that was her intent. Sometimes people do things just to push your buttons, you get to decide if you will allow them to control you.

Jordan said in his Facebook video that had spent the day being called on the phone and answering e-mails calling him out for what TYT said about the DNC law suit. Look at his video again, he is shaking, he is upset, he is not rational. He knows they were wrong for attacking the Bernie supporters; but, they are his friends. They have treated him well. HA, I'm no shill for TYT and this blog isn't even monetized, never has been and never will. I like you.

I look at someone by how they deal with challenges and how they deal with success; both tell us where they are at on their journey. How I responded to people 20 years ago or even ten years ago, is not how I respond today. Life is about defining who we are and I find the questions as important as the answers. The question is not whether Jordan was an ass; but, who do you want to be. The comment, "well he started it" is the beginning to asking yourself about the value of grace. Today you may not be ready for that; but, that question reappears in everyone's life until they are ready to answer it.

As for Jordan, will you continue to defend TYT when they promote cheating by the DNC? I am on record saying I would NEVER  vote for a Clinton or a Bush. I am on record saying I wanted Bernie to win and if not him then Trump, just to be heard. Clinton did not care about the Midwest and they have abused for too long, they deserve to be heard. Do you wish to call me click bait, yeah, I don't that many readers and they would just laugh at you. This blog is not monetized. Jordan, here is what you didn't do. You did not disagree with HA. You did not defend TYT for attacking the law suit because you can not and that is what is bothering you so you attacked others for attacking them for other reasons. Do you start to see the real issue for you.

Sorry regular readers, I had to write this post because two decent people fought over nonsense and ego. I don't think I have ever done anything like this before and maybe they will never read it; but, it was on my mind all day.

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