Saturday, May 6, 2017

Where We are Headed and Why.

Looking at the world around us you have to be scratching your head and asking why. While I have been writing about what is going on for years, I watched a video today that summarized a lot of the things I have been talking about.

YouTube - Obsolete — Full Documentary Official (2016). 

The video is only an hour long. I don't agree with their solutions, I find them naive at best; but, they point out many of the trends that I have been writing about for 7 years and actually discuss many of the sources that I have presented and linked to in the past. The situation we are in, as I see it, is that we can actually afford to give everyone a comfortable lifestyle and can even afford big increases in population; but, we cannot find a use for their labor. If half of all the people on earth died tomorrow, we would still have enough people to do all the necessary work. Think about that.

The essence of the biggest issue facing the world today is what do we do when we don't need people's labor? Do we just refuse to feed them? Do we feed them and ask for nothing back? All the talk you hear about global warming or overpopulation is propaganda to allow a few to implement the establishments answer without ever telling you what their solution is. Read that again.

Lets be clear about something. If the world doesn't need workers than it doesn't need owners. I recently wrote that capitalism and communism are both systems based on the concept that your labor has value. That ceases being true when labor has no value.

Tomorrow France will vote for a new President. Le Pen is a conservative that believes people's labor matters. Trump and Farage also believed that people's labor has value. Globalists like Clinton and Bush do not believe that your labor has value because they understand that they won't need your labor in the future. Clinton's response would be to give people some basic, very basic, standard of living. Bush would give people no basics.

I was happy to see Trump win, I would have preferred Sanders; but, the important thing is that the election forces the discussion to be in the open. The things I have been discussing on this blog are not news to the think tanks. What I have been discussing for the past 7 years is what they have been discussing since the 1960s.

The reality is that the vast majority of people will no longer be productive. Better put, the productivity of the vast majority of people will be unnecessary. In fact, we won't need many colleges as we don't need as many educated people. You are seeing that now with the large numbers of college graduates who cannot get jobs because they are not needed. More education will not fix that, free college will not fix that.

The trends in small houses, small apartments, virtual reality and an obsession with being connected via you phone all the time is a consequence of planning for your future. You achievements will be virtual achievements so that you feel some sense of purpose.

What does a shepherd do if he no longer can sell wool? He sells the flesh of the sheep and if people don't want to eat lamb, he stops raising them. The shepherd only sees value in sheep for what they mean for him. Jesus would say that the good shepherd takes care of the sheep and loves them; but, most people become shepherds for the return. Jesus called them hired hands and said they abused the sheep.

 The internet will be used as your work. You will make videos or write or make music or make pretty pictures and the number of viewers you have will determine your value. That has already begun, consider Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the future anyone will be able to make videos or create websites. The software companies are already preparing programs to allow this to occur. The internet will be virtual employment so that you have a sense of purpose. You are intended to have meaningless debates and arguments over the irrelevant. Why do you think there is so much discussion over gender identity? It is meant to preoccupy your minds.

Now lets discuss the recent protests against free speech by "the left". You can watch as many interviews as you want and you will not find what they are fighting for. Some will say it is anti-Trump; but, the current trend is to say it is anti-fascist, antifa. It is not. It is a distraction. Whether or not Caitlyn Jenner is a man or a women is completely irrelevant. Whether or not Mexicans move here illegally is pretty irrelevant too. There won't be any jobs for them to take away from Americans.

The protest at Berkley can be informative. Milo Yiannopolus is a gay, conservative comedian. He was invited to Berkley by the school's conservative group and "the left" had a riot to stop his speech. The discussion in the media is all about whether or not he should have been allowed to speak; but, that is a false narrative. They did not stop him from being heard, he is all over YouTube and the internet. He could have phoned in the speech. After he was shut down at Berkley, the media attacked him in unison and he quit Breitbart, an online publication. He had also been previously removed from Twitter. There is a pattern here. If they can stop you from speaking online or in public, they can stop your voice from being heard at all, that is why we are seeing a call to censor the internet.

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