Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's Talk About the Election

When the election for President began, I stated that I wanted to see Sanders or Trump win and that I would never vote for a Clinton or a Bush. I wrote that on this blog at the time. I also stated that I preferred Sanders. As the election went on I pointed out how the system was rigged against them both and wrote about delegates and super-delegates. I talked about how the Republican party was trying to cheat Trump and I talked about how the Democratic party was attempting to cheat Bernie.

Tonight I watched a movie on Netflix called, "Get Me Roger Stone". It is a documentary about one of Trump's advisors named Roger Stone. It is basically all about how Roger Stone is a very flawed person, he is. It then overemphasizes what he did for Trump. It links Stone closely to Alex Jones who I have also said I will not link to here. The final conclusion of the movie is that Stone is linked to Russia and that WikiLeaks is linked to Russia and that Trump's association links him to Russia. Ta da. What a bunch of garbage.

I laughed at the directors attempt to talk about Stone's "dirty tricks" while ignoring what the other candidates people did and their advertisements and their accusations. This film is propaganda and bad propaganda. It's single greatest flaw is ignoring why Trump and Sanders were so popular. The Democratic establishment will tell you that it was xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and racists that got Trump elected. The Republican establishment will tell you that it was a rejection of the liberals. Neither answer is true, neither will admit what it really was and is exactly what I predicted years ago on this very blog when the Occupy movement was shut down long before this election even began or anyone knew that Bernie and Trump would run.

This election was a rejection of the establishment and how this country is being run. Simple numbers tell you that. Trump, with 16 opponents Trump won the Republican nomination. Bernie almost won the nomination and split the party. If you take the number of people who voted Bernie in the primaries and add it to the number of people who voted Trump in the primaries it accounted for more votes by double for all the other candidates.25% of all voters in the primaries voted Republican establishment, 25% of all voters in the primaries voted for the Democratic establishment and 50% of all voters went for the anti-establishment Trump or Sanders. This election was a rejection by half of the country of the establishment and the Democrats and the Republican establishment see that.

The media will talk about phony reasons that Trump won; but, they don't talk about what Trump and Sanders have in common an it is that they both reject the establishment. People did not vote for Sanders because they thought he could achieve what he said, he couldn't.. If Jeb had won and Sanders had won the primaries, Jeb might have won the presidency; but, he couldn't win because Republicans don't like the Bushes anymore, they see them as the establishment.

Ask the average person what WikiLeaks is and they don't have a clue. During the Occupy movement I explained that we were seeing a reaction to the economic crash and how only Wall Street was bailed out with your money. I then said that I expected the people on the left and right to show up again but in a new way, they did, they came out for Trump and Sanders. Trump is a consequence of the Republican establishment co-opting and destroying the Tea Party. Sanders is the result of Obama destroying the Occupy movement. I also predicted that if we did not see a Trump or Sanders things would only get bad. Everyone is mad at the establishment, half the population is just still drinking the cool aid and believing the establishment is willing to change. Hillary lost because too many real liberals didn't vote at all, look at Obama's numbers and Hillary's. If it had been Jeb versus Sanders, you would have seen the exact same thing. The people who voted for Trump would probably not voted for Bush even against Hillary.

After Brexit and Trump, the establishment had a meltdown. They actually called for the electoral college to violate their duties, that was called for in mainstream media. They wrote articles about how the constitution's electoral college is evil and later about how the members should break the law and not do their duty. They called for impeaching Trump before he even got into office and it has not stopped. How hysterical has the media gotten? Well, how about this article from CNN - Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1.  During the election there were too many articles in mainstream media about what food Trump ate that it was ludicrous and they were all negative. How do you write negative articles about what food someone likes? I called it out when one of the biggest papers in the world wrote about how Trump liked his steaks cooked (well done and that means he is a bad person according to the article).

The establishment on the left and the right will do anything to remove Trump and return control of this country over to the establishment, they are not going to give it to Sanders. The problem for the establishment is that most Bernie supporters can see the nonsense behind the Trump attacks as a Russian agent. This is why the Democratic party is split in the middle and at war with itself.

It doesn't matter who is President if Trump is impeached over lies or killed. People on the left and right will know that you didn't impeach  or kill Trump, you showed what happens if you don't do what the establishment wants. The people are not happy with the way things have been going on for the last 30+ years, they are not happy with what happened when the economy crashed and how they paid more in taxes so that the 1% that crashed the economy could stay in business thinking that they might create jobs; but, that didn't happen, there was no trickle down recovery.

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