Friday, June 16, 2017

Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly

I have known about Alex Jones for about ten years. I became aware of him because of a man named William Cooper. Mr. Cooper did a radio series on Mystery Babylon which basically gave the history and beliefs of occult groups throughout history. It was a good series and I have an interest in secret societies. Now, Mr. Cooper and I would not agree on a whole lot of things; but, his series is well worth listening to. Mr. Cooper also claimed that Mr. Jones was an alarmist and a liar.

YouTube - Bill Cooper Says Alex Jones Is a NWO Shill.

Mr. Cooper was bigger than Jones at the time; but, Mr. Cooper was killed by police a month or two after 9-11. After Cooper died Jones continued to get bigger and is now one of the largest voices on the "alt right". Cooper and Jones had roughly the same audience, a sort of Libertarian, super-Patriot, distrustful of the government approach.

I prefer not to post videos by Jones, I posted the one with Brad Sherman because my post was about Mr. Sherman and I wondered why he had gone on Mr. Jones show as politically they have nothing in common. I think I know the answer and the timing had a lot to do with it.

Back to Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones started getting a lot of discussion in the mainstream corporate media during and since the election. Then during a custody battle with his wife the mainstream media made it an issue and lied about what had transpired in court. It was obvious what the corporate media was doing, they were setting Jones up for constant attacks. They wanted people to stop listening to him and only listen to the corporate mainstream media, the same reason they went after internet comedian and gamer PewDePie (who by the way has vastly more followers than Jones or anyone on television.

Well, apparently weeks ago Megyn Kelly contacted Jones and wanted him for an interview for her new show. He agreed to go on and taped the interview himself. Megyn Kelly is supposed to air the interview this Sunday. She posted a preview of the upcoming interview.

Now, the preview made it absolutely clear that she went after him over things he said about Sandy Hook and she should have. As a consequence of NBC posting the preview Kelly was criticized for interviewing him at all.

There were plenty of other people in the media who said the interview should not be on air. In addition, advertisers pulled their ads from the show. Even Mr. Jones told her not to air it because it would be unfairly edited.

Now Jones is stating that he will air the complete interview unedited. By the way, Jones has been interviewed before my mainstream media, he was even interviewed by Piers Morgan and nobody complained about it. So why all the controversy now? Nobody complained when Brad Sherman went on his show after the TARP bailout. He was even on Jessie Ventura's show multiple times.

The media is pushing Jones as the anti-government conspiracy guy. Why? The media says he is followed by millions of people; but, in fact he has 2 million subscribers to his channel and many people will only watch others on his channel. What was the genesis of all of this? The White House gave a press pass to someone working for Jones' network and the media did not like that or the fact that others outside the mainstream media were allowed into the White House press briefings.

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