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Congressman Brad Sherman Should Be Removed From Office

Sometimes I regret that I deleted the first two versions of this blog. Not long after the stock market crash I wrote a couple of posts about Congressman Brad Sherman of California. I actually live in his district; but, did not at the time of the crash. I did write about him since starting this blog anew "Brad Sherman in the News". I wrote that in July of 2010. It was a follow-up with little detail.

I found out about Mr. Sherman during the voting on the TARP bailout of the banks. Here is a clip of what he said at the time.

He then went on the Alex Jones Show to talk about his statement in congress. When the TARP bill came out he was quoted as saying that people had told certain congressmen that if they did not pass the TARP bill that Martial Law would be instituted.

And how did Mr. Sherman vote? GovTrack - H.R. 384 (111th): TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.  He voted to approve the bill. On his website it only states, "According to USA Today and The Washington Post, Congressman Sherman led the effort to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used for unlimited bailouts to Wall Street giants." Which sort of implies that he voted against it when in fact he voted for it; but, lets look a little deeper at Mr. Sherman.

Here is a link to his official Brad Sherman Resume.  He graduated in Law Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and even taught at the Harvard Law International Tax Program. He is a smart man and in addition to being a lawyer and worked at one of the big four CPA firms. He has even been on the Financial Services Committee since 1997.

So here we have Mr. Sherman and legal and financial expert and how did he vote when it came to repealing Glass Steagall? GovTrack - S. 900 (106th): Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. He voted to repeal Glass Steagall which resulted in the economic bubble and crash because it allowed banks to gamble with your money, with your pension money and the economy as a whole. This financial and legal expert was partly responsible for the crash.

The truth is that Mr. Sherman is either incompetent or worse. Why would someone who understood finance not understand what would happen if Glass Steagall were elimina when anyone knowing financial history knew that getting rid of it was a bad idea for the majority of us and would only benefit the banks. After eliminating Glass Steagall, Mr. Sherman was still on the Financial Services Committee and did not raise alarms when the economy saw a inverted yield curve, the number one indicator that a crash is coming.

Investopia - The Impact of an Inverted Yield Curve.

Now Mr. Sherman has announced that he is going to file articles of impeachment against President Trump. Fox - Reps. Green and Sherman announce plan to file articles of impeachment. This is ludicrous. One person I respect in congress is Dennis Kucinich. He is to the left of the Democratic party and is a true progressive and what did he have to say? Kucinich said, “It is destructive to America to proceed with an impeachment at this stage of the presidency” Kucinich, a Fox News contributor, said last month. “This is not the first thing you reach for, because when the first big move a party makes is towards impeachment, it’s very difficult for the American people to conclude that it is anything but a partisan issue.”

To be fair, I believe Sherman is returning a favor to congressman Al Green. Mr. Green called for it first and Sherman is the only congressman joining him on this current push. Hmmmm. Oh yeah they serve on the Financial Services committee together. Below is a video of Mr. Sherman discussing his calling for impeachment.

I want to review what Mr. Sherman said at this press conference. At 9:05 into the video, Mr. Sherman begins by saying that this is like Watergate and that the files that were stolen were electronic ones. He then states that the theft of files was done by Russian citizens; but, the truth is we have no evidence of that. The truth is that the FBI has not been allowed to examine the DNC server. The only people to see the server were from a private contractor to the DNC. Oddly enough Mr. Sherman does not insist that the DNC server be given to the FBI so that it can be examined by them. Also, we should remember that WikiLeaks has said the information was provided to them and was not hacked. Kim Dotcom has stated that he was involved in it and that Seth Rich was the leaker.

Not being able to prove that the DNC was hacked or by whom, Mr. Sherman says the Presidents crime is covering up the theft. If you cannot prove a crime you cannot prove a cover-up. You cannot be guilty of covering up something that didn't happen. Mr. Sherman goes on to say that they only need "probable cause" to impeach. Probable cause can be defined as it is more likely than not that someone is guilty of specific actions constituting a crime. NOT UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS. No prosecutor would propose what Mr. Sherman and Green meets the ground for taking someone to court.

Mr. Sherman likes to play it fast and loose with the law and the truth. He states that judges have been impeached for being drunk on the bench and that it is not a crime. Should we have impeached President Obama for drinking beer? Trump doesn't drink. A drunk judge cannot do his job, there is no similarity between the two. Judges can get impeached for failure to be able to do their jobs and that includes senility and Mr. Sherman knows that and was intentionally being misleading. Mr. Sherman then goes on to say that based upon rumors in the New York Times he believes Trump's meeting with Mr. Comey may have impeachable. There is a big problem with this as the Times article was wrong and under oath Mr. Comey explicity stated that he was never told to stop an investigation and that he had assured Mr. Trump on three occasions that he was not investigating him.

The truth of the matter is, and I reported on it at the time, that for over a year people have been discussing impeaching Trump if he were to be elected. Whether you like Trump or hate him there is a bigger issue at stake and that is democracy and the right of the people to choose their President as laid out in the constitution. Mr. Sherman is seeking to pervert the law to achieve a political goal and he knows it.

There is a guy named Alan Dershowitz, he is a very famous law school professor, he teaches at Harvard and agrees that there is no case for going after Trump at the moment. According to him, it doesn't matter why Trump fired Comey, he had a constitutional right to and Dershowitz is not a Trump supporter. ANYONE, who is against Democracy is your enemy and Brad Sherman is against Democracy and your right to pick your representatives. That's a problem. We should never allow someone to represent us in congress that does not believe we have the right to pick our representatives. Mr. Sherman is more than welcome to post a comment and I will publish it as long as there is no profanity or claims that a specific person broke a law without proof, the same way I deal with everyone else on this blog including how I deal with accusations in Pastor Carol Daniels murder. I do not do rumors as fact.


I woke up this morning and Mr. Sherman had submitted his article of impeachment for consideration. I am linking to a copy of the actual submittal for your reference.

Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Specifically the article claims that Trump requested that Comey stop investigating Russian involvement in our election. The problem is that it never happened according to Comey and even if it had, it would not be a crime. The truth is that the President gets to tell the FBI Director what to do.

I need to be clear. I don't need to like Trump or his policies to believe in our right to pick our President.

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