Sunday, July 2, 2017

Not Writing, Just Thinking

Sorry kids, the Pimpernel hasn't felt something worthy of writing about for a few days. I will say this much, I am still thinking about making YouTube videos. I feel more people might hear what I have to say and feel I don't get enough comments here. I spoke to my brother about that tonight. He said that he didn't think my blog seemed to invite comments. He seems to believe that my posts don't really ask questions; but, rather answer them. I don't know what I think about that.

I guess it is like when I was preaching. If someone had asked me why they should believe in God, I would have told them that I don't care what you believe in. It is not my job to tell you what to believe in, it is my job to tell you what I believe in. I want you to think about that for a second.

I write to tell others what I see. I am totally fine with people not seeing the same thing and ignoring me or even questioning me. It is not my job to convince anyone of anything, the bible says that we should have an answer for the hope that lies within us. I have answer for why I believe what I believe.

I don't make money from this and have decided if I would monetize a YouTube video, if I choose to make them; but, I am not monetizing this blog and never have. I have written thousands of posts for almost a decade and have never made a penny. I deeply feel for the Daniels family; but, I have made it very clear I never thought they would ever read my stuff and did not write about the case for any personal reason, I just thought there was too many garbage answers being given. I absolutely wish someone with more attention and viewership would talk about the case. I actually reached out to a YouTuber, who has many more views than I, about the case, someone that talks about such things and asked them to do a video about the case. They have not and did not respond to me, I will not mention who it was.

I want to know my readers opinions. Should I start doing YouTube videos? I would have more viewers; but, would video of me talking about these things detract from the written word? Would the people that read my writing like to hear my voice, I won't show my face, I'm just not that pretty. I have been told that I write the way I sound in person. I can't judge that. You decide. NO, you give your opinion, I decide what I do. Peace and thanks for caring enough to keep reading my nonsense.


Anonymous said...

My vote is to do both. Blog and youtube. The spoken word is in my opinion more fundamental and primal than the written word in regards to the human experience. Also you dont necessarily have to show your face on youtube. There are ways of making it so people only hear your voice. I think that is limiting who will listen to you. I think more people will connect with someone they can see but its a trade off for keeping some level of privacy. If you haven't already I suggest praying about this.

God bless!

Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymous 7/2/17,

Thank you for the suggestions. Part of the reason for going voice only is that I don't have a webcam and would need to buy a microphone. Hey, money is tight and I am on a fixed income. There are costs associated with making YouTube videos; but, I am thinking of buying a mic and trying it.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you are not that pretty...I remember cute girls on road trips flirting with you and not me...LOL I say both also maybe you could use an avatar for your pic with your voice driving it home !

John Doyle said...

I think you should do both too. You have a great opinion about most things and can open up the mind of others. The great thing about you is that you don't judge other if they disagree with you. You respect the other side regardless of your stance. That is very rare