Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump, CNN and a Wrestling Video

Someone on Reddit made the video above and President Trump posted a copy of it on Twitter. The corporate media's response was to say that Trump is calling for violence on reporters. Wait, this is the same media that called for Trump's impeachment prior to the election actually being held. This is the same media that defended Kathy Griffin showing Trump's decapitated head as a bad joke. This is the same media that said the voters were stupid and the same media that supported a play about Ceaser which ends with Trump being stabbed to death. Nobody cares what the media thinks anymore.

This is how the media reacted to Trump's winning the presidency. Why would we expect them to ever be honest or reasonable about Trump.

Here is the bottom line issue. If you continually attack someone, expect them to respond. Pretty simple. Between May and June the mainstream corporate media spent 353 minutes attacking Trump for a false Russia collusion claim that they have zero evidence of. This same media spent only 1 minute discussing tax reform, 3 minutes discussing infrastructure, 5 minutes discussing the economy and jobs and 17 minutes discussing healthcare. We have all seen Trump be attacked for just stupid stuff like how many scoops of ice cream he has at dinner or that he likes his steaks well done and the media is offended that he fights back and expects you to be upset by it too. Look at the comments online, real people are not upset, real people think it is hilarious.

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