Sunday, May 15, 2011

Age of Consent

One of the readers sent a rather long comment regarding the "Circumsision Party", it is a little graphic by my terms on this blog; but, I am still considering publishing it. In his comments he raised the issue of the age of consent and questioned people believing that circumsizing should be a passage to manhood. He suggested that the age of consent should be 16.

There was a time when young ladies were not allowed to get their ears piercd until they were 16 (practice not the law) and I believe it is illegal to have your child tattoed. In certain Polynesian cultures you were not accepted as a man until you had a lengthy a painful tattoo; but, the person chose when they got it, not by age.

So what should the age of consent be? How old should you be to choose to drink alcahol, smoke cigarettes, have sex, get a tattoo, get a body piercing, drive, be allowed to leave your parents, date, drive a car...

Next question is who gets to decide? There was a woman who gave her daughter botox recently and many are calling for her to be put in jail. When should the government get to decide rather than the parents. My father joined the Marines at 15 by lying and saying he was 16. There are three groups involved, parents, children and the government. What about where 2 of the 3 are in agreement? A 15 year old wants a tattoo and the parent agrees; but, it is illegal.

I always found it amusing that people could join the military at 18; but, not have a beer. That is government hypocricy, we will let you kill and die; but, not drink. I know which one has a bigger impact on people. How much of it depends on the culture you grew up in? Just some questions.

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