Sunday, May 15, 2011

Officially a Rant

Okay, some things about the ex still anger me, silly things. She insists upon keeping my last name. I find it both offensive and obscene. You don't get to cheat on me, take men to hotels and register in MY name. She divorced me and kept my name, use your own, you are not mine and I want nothing to do with you you Adultress.

I read an article about women having to worry about whether or not they take their husbands last name, here is the article. . Heck, if I remarry I wouldn't expect the woman to take my surname, we could blend it, I don't care. I can't say I am for hyphenating it, that gets ridiculous over time, it just keeps growing.

How about we decide with coin tosses? That would be confusing to the grandchildren. The purpose behind taking the other person's name is to identify with other family members. For whatever reason, historically it has been the man's name. I don't think we can change history. I can't.

So when you divorce someone you cease being part of their family (beyond the children if there are any). That is why my ex needs to lose my family name, she chose not to be family with me and mine.


Anonymous said...

what your ex is doing does seem strange to say the least???

is 'Xhore' a cuss word? just curious. i am not sure what the necessary conditions are for determining if a word is a cuss word or not. what criteria do you use for deciding what is profanity and what isn't?

i wish i had less questions and more answers lol

its weird but i think i would feel odd not having my future wife not take my name. i cant give you a logical reason, its just how i feel. i also would feel very odd about not having my children have my last name.

Pimpernel said...

I was cranky, it wasn't cussing, it was inaccurate, she didn't get paid, heck she used my credit cards to pay for their meals. I changed the word.

Anonymous said...

how was your original word choice not cussing?