Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day, Bin Laden and My New Oven

Just some rambling notes on a Sunday. I am sitting in my apartment reading the news and about to get some more coffee. I have no idea how I am going to spend this day; but, for the moment I am just relaxing and waking up.

Today is Mother's Day so I send a Happy Mother's Day out there to any mothers who may read this blog. Hope you enjoy the day and get to spend it with your children. Heck, I even wish my ex a happy Mother's Day.

Someone asked if I thought my God rejoiced in Osama Bin Laden's death. I found it an odd question. Everybody dies, if you believe in god then he built us to all die and move on in our journey. If God had wished to prevent Bin Laden's death than he would have. I know this one way too well. If God had wanted him dead sooner, then he would have died sooner. I believe that God rejoices in our choosing to be better rather than our death and I have no idea what Bin Laden's last thoughts were.

I think the real question is should Christians rejoice at Bin Laden's death and the answer is no. I don't rejoice in anyone's evil or anyone's death, I rejoice in their doing good. I do not believe Bin Laden good; but, I do believe that all nations do evil even our own. I don't rejoice in that. When the twin towers collapsed some people in Arabia rejoiced. If we only rejoice when we kill "terrorists" and they only rejoice when they kill us, it means we only rejoice in death.

Bin Laden is dead, the wars continue and more people will die. Not much to rejoice about there. In Egypt the muslims are burning down coptic churches. I will rejoice when we find a way to end these wars.

My new oven arrived yesterday. I like cooking and need to figure out what to cook tonight, I am considering tri-tip. Any thoughts on the matter are welcome.

Like I said, not much on my mind, just random thoughts. I think I will get some coffee.

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