Saturday, May 7, 2011

For A Commentor

I do not think it is simply about complimenting one another, I think we must challenge one another while supporting one another, sort of fighting the battle together to grow from challenge. On a side note, the lady singing the song looks like my ex-wife did when we met. She was not my soulmate; but, I found her pretty.

Before we can find a soulmate, we would have to define ourselves, not for what we can get out of the world; but, for what we choose to be, which morals we will live by, our no point, our decision point with no promise of reward. Who knows who can do that, I don't.

Old Souls

To be fair, the woman I believe could have been the love of my life looked a lot like the one above. Same figure, similar faces. I do hope that readers can appreciate my attraction to both women. I cannot say which is prettier, I cannot judge beauty pageants of the face or figure, I am bald, grey and have a pudgey belly. I have plenty of wrinkles. I can know who cares about my heart, who doesn't want me hurt more than they wish to take care of themselves and that is the true beauty and when we feel the same way then I think we have found our soulmate and I have no idea how long that takes.

I looked at the post, the women in the picture looks like the woman I think may be soulmate, the one on the link to the song is what the ex-wife looked like when I met her.

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