Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Dog

My daughter wanted a dog so I got one, a chihuahua. The doge has a white soft coat with a very light brown highlights. He is an idiot and not fixed nor chipped. The dog is very protective of me, I got him as a puppy and he had been abused. He doesn't like most men; but, he decided I was his person. He doesn't even like to see someone hug me, I am his.

Let me tell you how bad this dog has it for me. If I am in the bedroom and his food is in the kitchen, he won't eat. I have never seen such a thing and have had many dogs, I have had abused dogs and they loved me, it just takes some time, consistancy and love. I have never had one like this, it used to cry for an hour when I left my house and there were people it knew in my house. I have been told that when I sleep the dog lays on me and watches the door, this dog would protect me with it's life and everybody that knows him figures that out first.

When I moved out of my house I needed a place to live. Oh, yeah, hooray, I just found out today that the tranfer documents were recorded and I am no longer a home owner and don't ever want to be one again unless I can pay cash and someone else will maintain the property, hey, I can do that in an apartment. Not the point but it did brighten my day.

I am not going to write what I was going to write, I have changed my mind. I watched someone commit business suicide today. It was like a bad train wreck, some people just don't listen or feel immune from their actions. I fix problems after they occur, that is my job and I am good at it. Some problems cannot be fixed, you have to start over. Some people don't learn and insist upon making the same problem or doing the same wrong thing until they come to a complete halt and have to start over, I have seen this a million times.

You can get ahead by blaming others for all problems; but, when you get up high enough, you don't get to do that and eventually you are asked why you never fixed the problems rather than what caused them. Eventually bad behaviour is not rewarded eventually it is exposed, how we deal with that determines if we survive long enough to learn. That aint going to happen this time. Bad behaviour only works to a point and then it falls apart completely because nobody support you, nobody likes you and it is when you can't buy cookies, when nobody trusts you.

I will tell you one of the ways in which I have been blessed. I began supervising and managing at 12. Wild, huh? People are very loyal to me that work for me, even one's that do not like my personality know that I am fair and let them do their job. It may sound false to people who don't work with me; but, people in my organization read this and people that used to work for me.

Sorry again, long interruption by a family memberm be well.

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