Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Reported to be Dead

Hmmmm, don't know that it matters. Nope, doesn't matter and doesn't change a thing. There are many more, just as smart, where he came from. There are many people in Arabia that hate the west. No shortage of haters and many have valid points, they want to run their own countries. I am a pacifist so I certainly don't agree with terrorism; but, I am also Irish and I do know what people will do if you push them enough in their own country.

The problem with thinking that killing one person can stop a war is that one person alone cannot start a war, they need supporters and those don't just stop too often. I regret to say that people will continue to strap bombs to themselves and blow up them and those around them. As for the war in Afghanistan, it cannot be won, the CIA knew this and told the president before we went in. There is nothing to win in Afghanistan, tribal fighting for well over a thousand years.

On a side note, lets talk about Kabbala, a fascinating twist on Judaism. It is sort of the same twist as the gnostics put on Christianity; but, the gnostics have been around longer and are better at it. In about the 13th century Kabbala came into existance, although, many claim it goes back to the time of Adam and Eve and they cannot prove that. It is like how the Masons claim to go back to the Pharohs, no proof.

The spiritual beliefs that are around today come from two basic schools. One believes we can learn to be ourselves and interact with the divine. The other believes either that we are the divine or can become divine. The third school is idiots like Bill Maher who don't believe we matter or exist except for a moment and that we shouldn't even worry about these things. The unexamined life, you know, the life not worth living as the saying goes.

On a side note, if someone has spent their whole life being monitored, having their phone tapped, how could you trust anything you heard? LOL. I like stupidity, it is fun to deal with. Let me put this question another way. Since age 12 my family routinely had our phones tapped, my dad wrote the law for it. Federal law enforcement guy. Today everybody gets tapped, heck, Apple tracks where you go, everybody gets to live my childhood now, how do you like it so far?

We know how there are cameras everywhere, we know that millions of Americans have had their phones tapped without court orders and we know that our e-mail accounts are not secure (no right to privacy on the internet, court said so). You now live my childhood, does it change how you act or what you say? It does and it doesn't for me and you will never know when or why or how, Pimpernel is no fool and his personality and IQ tests will tell you that.

The difference between most people regarding this issue and those who grew up with it is that we handle it differently and don't care, it is more of a place to have fun. If one lives a decent and honest life, they don't have to worry that they will say or do something that deservedly gets them in trouble. The game for us is to flush out the fact that we are being watched, that is the joy and the fun of being monitored. We will make you work for it. For they have eyes but cannot see, that is from the bible, I like the bible, you may have noticed.

Today everybody has a cell phone with a camera. Recently, a couple were photographed having sex at a California University's building, on top of it actually. I would not do such a thing so I don't worry about it. Others don't care that they are seen, those are the two ways that people respond. The crooks just find work arounds, codes and other garbage. That is the problem for the intelligence community, the one's they hear and see and the one's that are not a concern.

Most people see what they are looking for, they put the pieces of every puzzle together the way think the world works. I bet I could crash this blog, I bet I could get the government to sieze it and shut it down, I bet I could say things that would make that happen and I never signed any confidentiality agreement, I never worked for the fed and never had a clearance (I qualified when they offerred to give a commission in the Air Force, I didn't sign up). I like that.

Don't fear the stupid, fear the insane. LMAO. If done properly a game's outcome is determined before the game is begun and it is not begun until both sides decide to play a game. I told some people a couple of years back what would happen on the internet and one of them thought I was paranoid, I bet she doesn't think so now, enjoy your IPhone. People who assume that I don't know what is going on are like Lemmings, test it, test my words and predictions. Hey, Google did invest $168 million dollars in running an electrical company, how many saw that coming, yeah.

Pimpernel is silly and crazy and opinionated and old and cranky; but, stupid, do you really believe that. For those of you who read this blog and do not know me personally (the vast majority) do you read it because you like to make fun of the autistic kid? I am guessing not, I do have a clue, I also have a bad attitude on occassion. I also always have a plan and it is never caught, never completely.

There is a saying in the con artist game, there are only two ways to take advantage of someone, make them think that you have no reason to take advantage of them or make them think they are smarter than you. There is a third and they don't teach that one, my dad did and he was a very smart man, I am trickier because I grew up with it and am a little smarter than my father was or my mother, they passed on some good jeans and I have wrinkled them; but, they are not wore out yet.

A few years ago Pimpernel almost lost it, I certainly was in pain and was very depressed. The funny thing is, I still managed to make a very large amount of money and savings for my employer and others. I never stopped being able to do what is my nature and I never stopped being paranoid, paranoia is your friend not your enemy if you have a reason to be paranoid. Now everybody does except me, I always knew.

It is no longer a secret so I can tell one thing I know. Many years ago, decades in fact, my father was taken into a average looking building, they took him into the basement as I recall and pulled up a computer screen which could access satelite data, he was in an NSA building. They picked one of the people he was with and zoomed in on his house, they looked down his chimney and said he needed to get it cleaned, that was in the early 70s when the government did not even admit that the NSA existed. Pimpernel knows many things and Pimpernel never signed a non-disclosure, he was just a little boy, lol, whose daddy has been dead for many years.

For those of you who do not know me, I am not a good person to mess with. Sorry if that blows your image of me. I am quiet and I like my peace and I like to make things work, I don't like being monitored, I like being left alone. I accept what this world is and how we are monitored, confuse them, be original and don't make it an effort, make it a game, enjoy it. Yes, Apple is storing your information about where you go; but, they also have all of your e-mails, your traded that for technology.

I cannot describe how I feel about my fellow Aspergers brothers and sisters, I can't do it. When they are hurt, it hurts me because it is an attack on all of us, I hope they feel the same and know that they have brothers and sisters who feel for them. Hunter S. Thomposon summed it up best, too weird to live, to unique to die. "To sleep, perchance to dream". Yes, perchance and the lousy chance never comes. Be well.

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