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The Rockefeller Commission and What is Going On

A few years ago I was doing some research and came across a report from the Rockefeller Commission. It was titled "Population and the American Future". I think it is worth a read.

Growing up in the late 60s and early 70s there was a lot of talk about population control, later renamed population stabilization. The focus was on using reverse natural selection of a sort. Birth control and free sex, promiscuous sex were promoted and still are today. Our birth rates are down as I previously posted on. Young westerners neither wish to marry or have children and those who do usually wait until later in life.

Serious conversations regarding having one currency and a world government has been around and openly promoted by many since the end of World War I. Going green and making less of a negative impact on the environment was big in the 60s, it was what caused DDT to be taken off the shelves and the outlawing of flourocarbons in spray cans.

When we mix these issues too closely with other real events we can get a skewed picture. What we need to remain focused on are the real events in the natural world that should not be occurring. I am coming to believe that people knew the magnetic poles were going to shift and were preparing in advance. That would make sense. Not long ago the Russians drilled the deepest hole in history to study something, from that depth they would have monitored the magnetic shift long before it was noticed.

Please follow the link are read the article. Cataclysmic Pole Shift Hypothesis.

It says a couple of things that I find of interest. Charles Hapgood hypothesized that the pole shifts occurred over 5,000 years and that then nothing else for 20 to 30 thousand years. Didn't the Mayans talk about 25,000 year periods? The end of the article is good, it claims that the shift effects the ice at the poles and causes earthquakes and volcanoes (shifting mantle).

Lets try and reconcile some things that are very real. Increased volcanic activity, increased earthquake activity, the ice at the poles changing, mass animal deaths (primarilly sea and air creature), an increase in animal attacks by all kinds of animals. These are very real things going on in the natural world. Now let's look at what our government, the Russians and the Chinese are all doing.

I have previously reported on the rush to build underground living facilities over the next couple of years, we have discussed the government stockpiling of prescription drugs, coffins and food. We have created seed banks for animals and food and people. We are seeing the Russians and Chinese spending more on military preparedness. So are we. We have purchased processing areas for FEMA and upgraded them.

Now, we don't know what happened the last time the poles shifted and we have no way of knowing what will happen if it occurs again; but, if you were not sure, wouldn't you make preparations? Now if you are a Christian and believe in the book of "Revelations" then our take should be differant.

It says that there will be wars and famine and earthquakes; but, it does not say that these things end the world. Instead it says these things are a precursor to other changes in our government and currency. Now if you are not a Christian I bet you still know about the book of Revelations, how can you see things in it come true and not have some questions? Perhaps because there is a natural explanation. God works through nature.

Revelations talks about these things being "birth pangs", when they stop then the birth is over, not the world. And what is born from it, a completely changed government structure. The bible does not predict a one world government, it predicts that everyone will be required to take a mark to buy and trade. The bible says that nation will attack nation, not that there will be one government. There are those who want that; but, I see it as highly unlikely. There is international law and some of it is good and some of it is a sell out of our personal freedoms.

Now, I do not know for a fact that the government is preparing for a cataclysmic disaster. We have been sold on "global warming" and that answer satisfies many. It is now of course "climate change" because it began getting colder. Could the pole shift be related to solar activity, yes that is a possible reason. I searched for "solar flares" and "pole shift" and found this video. Dr. Kaku's warning.

And a video by a astrophysicist and meteorologist who got it right.

I want you to really think about what Kaku said, he said that the physicists had all been mistaken, somehow I don't buy that and I like the guy. He also said that the sun's magnetic pole was going to shift by 2012. Now if I know anything about magnets, if two are connected and one turns, the other turns also. I think I got that right. What if it happened in October of 2012?

I am not saying that I know the answer, just looking at pieces of a very strang puzzle and knowing that there are planners in the world. And please remember I don't believe in the end of the world, the bible says one day Satan's rule over this place will end and that is the end times. Whether you believe in God or not, the facts are interesting and worthy of consideration. Something is going on and rather than believe everything we are told we should continue to test what we are told.

There is a lot of anxiety in the world because of all the changes going on that people don't understand; but, they never understood why things are the way they are in the first place. There are people who actually believe that there are 13 families that want to kill everyone in the world and completely control the rest. Let me be clear, there are people who want to kill everyone and control everyone; but, they are not the people running the show. There is greed and selfishness and many of them do run the world; but, they certainly don't want to end the world, they like being in charge.

Oh, I forgot, the Russians have invented inexpensive survival community domes that can float or be on the ground, they are self sustaining. There it is again, sustainability, what does it really mean. Well, a number of years ago they build a toatlly self enclosed environment in Russia to see if it could be designed to be sustained apart from the rest of the world. I actually knew a Russian scientist that worked on it, nice man.

About 20 years ago we built a "Ecosphere" in America. It was on a much larger scale and one of my exes relatives worked on it. Why do I keep knowing people that worked on these things? Crazy. Anyways, the science for making these self sustaining cities appears real. Now, what happens when the world does not end this month or even in 2012, does that mean that everything is okay. Nope, it means that we will be relieved. What happens when we are not all chipped and killed, does it mean everything is okay, nope.

Let me ask another question, I like my questions. What if in January of 2013, the President announced that we had prepared, along with other countries for these solar flares and a possible pole shift and that the worst had passed and we were going to be okay. What if he then explained how we had prepared and that "many fine and dedicated people had worked in secret to protect as many as possible". Wouldn't you be happy to return to your normal life? No Armageddon, just preparation.

You have to pay constant attention to the world around you, it is a tricky place and the sheep like stability and calm more than they like the truth. I prefer the truth; but, I like some peace and quiet also. If, my possible explanation is true then we can expect the following. More strong quakes, more shifting of the earth, more volcanic eruptions, more animal deaths and more bizarre weather. This would all taper off after 2012 if Dr Kaku's timetable is correct.

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