Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quantum Entanglement and Marriage

I like my post's title, makes absolutely no sense unless you read the post. LOL.

I have often discussed aspects on quantum physics on this blog. I happened upon a post by Quasimanga regarding quantum entanglement and I think he explained it well enough. He said the Chinese have a theory regarding soulmates, that they are destined to meet. That is a very human explanation for what happens.

When you split an atom certain particles will be seperated by vast distances (realtive to size). Some of these particles react in an way that cannot be understood, if you touch one, the other reacts in unison; but, they do it faster thant the speed of light. According to Einstein this is impossible, problem is that it happens and we have tested it, it happens a lot.

Now you don't have to be a scientist to understand what I just said and the scientists cannot explain it either. We have a limited number of possibilities for why this occurs. First choice is that they are not reacting to the same stimuli; but, are instead of the same nature and therefore doing the same thing at the same time. There is a number of problems with this primarilly because the environments are different for each particle and therefore they should be responding independently.

The second possibility is that all things are connected. This is the string theory. Problem with this one is that we cannot find any connection or evidence for such connections. Second problem is that it still cannot occur faster than the speed of light.

The third possibility is a modified string theory which states that there are alternate universes in which these same particles exist and that they are responding to something going on in the alternate univers. There is absolutely NO evidence or proof for this and that is because it cannot be proven unless we could see that alternate univers and prove it first.

Pick whichever answer you like. Oh, the fourth is the fractal universe theory. This is the concept that all we see in the real world is merely a projection of the subatomic and reality only exists on the subatomic level. No explanation for why it would project has been forth so I don't think it deserves to be called science.

My personal choice is that it is because God made things to have relationship and some things are part of one another on a level we cannot understand. I guess I like the Chinese theory of the red band connecting people. What if the Chinese were right, what if we can be destined to be somehow attached to another? How would that make you look at sex and marriage and life?

What if everyone on earth had a soulmate; but, they had to achieve a certain amount of seperateness to be ready to be with each other. When they were making the first nuclear bombs they used to "tickle the dragon's tail", they would move two blocks of uranium together and let them begin to chain react in order to know how much uranium was needed for the bomb. Some people died doing this little trick.

Lets get back to the question of marriage. If you knew that you had a soulmate, that everyone did; but, that you had to be ready to be together, would you wait? We are a very promiscuous society, would you wait? Would it effect how you chose how you lived your life?

Lets take it a little further. It is Saturday and I have done all of my chores so I am just listening to music and reading articles. By the way, do yo want me to start adding more pictures or keep it textual?

So lets say that you met your soulmate, seperated and came together again later, you were truly meant to be a couple. How would that effect your relationship? If you harmed one another you would have harmed a part of you. Clearly my ex was not my soulmate, so this is not about her, it is a question, a morality question.

In every relationship you negotiate compromise, how do you negotiate with your soulmate, do you just give them what they want? Perhaps the question is silly, perhaps because they are your soulmate you will be in total agreement; but, I don't buy that.

Now, if one has a soulmate, what does that make everyone else in the world? We are attracted to people on many levels; but, that doesn't mean everyone is qualified to be our soulmate or even mate. I don't have a quantum explanation for this except to say that not all particles experience the "spooky effect" of quantum entanglement.

One last question. If you got to choose to have a soulmate, to only have one person that you are perfect for and new it would mean waiting, would you want to have a soulmate? The alternative would be to live as we live.


Anonymous said...

first off, i am really digging the pictures. i like the change, and yes please add more!

to answer your question, i do believe in soulmates and i want to wait for mine, but in all honesty i dont really quit know what is a soul mate? this might sound strange, me believing in them but not know what it is that i am believing in. lol are you born with one? if they die then are you just out of luck? can two people grow into soulmates? and how do you know when you have found your soul mate? is it just a feeling?

my best guess to the definition of a soulmate would be someone who compliments you perfectly.

funny that you posted on this tonight,today i was reading this article on marriage

Pimpernel said...

As always good questions, I will do my best based on what I believe.

What is a soulmate, I am not sure I can give the definitive answer. I would assume that a soulmate is the one who is willing to take a hit for the team, to hurt so that you do not, the one (as with quantum entanglement) fully shares their experience with you and therefore neither can accept the other being hurt more.

Your second question I don't know at all. Maybe we are all born with one,; but, have to "evolve" enough to be with them, to grow enough and maybe that doesn't happen in this life for everyone. If you die, you pass to a place where you get to meet them again, I believe we keep evolving.

I don't know how you know when you have met them. I don't think you would, I think you would be puzzled that they effected you differantly than everyone else.

I will post a link to a song, not perfectly on point; but, along the lines.

Anonymous said...

That instant connection you feel with someone and that even despite distance and time away is always still there each time you meet; That's rare.

I've been trying to wrap my head around it and just remembered the entanglement theory and can't help but wonder if that is just another way of saying soul mate.

Waiting? Well, due to circumstances, the person I feel this with and I cannot be together yet. we've felt it from day one over 5 years ago but have only been long distance friends and have lived our lives as if this "connection" didnt' exist because how can you cope with not being with the one person in the universe that you know you are destined to be with? You move on and try to do the best with what you've got.

Recently we finally met up again, and it's still there, and we both realized that we believe in fate and that even though still we have to wait a little longer, we believe that you can't keep two people apart if it's meant to be.

So while the waiting is tough, after all the other relationships I've had, it's so worth it and now that we've acknowledged this, its just a matter of time till finally we get to be with each other and it's totally worth it :)

Anonymous said...

I found my soulmate 30 yrs ago at age 18. Turned the corner and he was just standing in the busy lobby with an acquaintance of mine. Our eyes met, and it was as if all else in the world stopped. I felt drawn to him as if it were magnetic. We were introduced, and I spent the next year getting to know him. We became engaged, but stunningly lost each other. I found him 2 years ago. We reconnected instantly and are inseparable. I never lost the feeling that he was part of me. It's as if there is an aura that cuts right thru me that is there when he's away on the job. For the decades we were apart, I was never truly happy, and it wasn't until we reconnected that I truly understood why. We don't tell people our story, it would hurt former spouses (we were both married twice) and hurt each of our children. But it's our story, and we are amazed by it. He believes our first meeting was an "electromagnetic" force, and says it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to him. I believe that the decades apart have ensured I won't take him for granted or make silly little mistakes in the precious time we now have together. Perhaps we were meant to wait. All I really know is I'm part of something's not just physical, or mental...somehow it feels timeless as if I knew him before and time has no meaning.

Pimpernel said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. I have a similar story; but, it ends badly. I remember when I met the love of my life, that single moment and it left me confused. I couldn't figure out why I had to look at her, I couldn't turn my head away. It was in a classroom, she in the front me in the back and we just kept turning to look each other.

My family and I moved away. Life went on, I got married, my wife left me for her hiking partner and I discovered that my soulmate never married and lived only a couple of miles away. I was about to contact her when she died. Instead of visiting her, I visited her grave. Her death stunned me for days.

I will always think of her.

KMCO said...

Thank you so much for this Blog. mANY bLESSINGS good luck

Pimpernel said...

KMCO, Thank you so much for your very kind comment. This blog has definitely created a life of it's own far from anything I ever considered when I began it. Personally I am stunned that it has over 90,000 hits. Peace to you.