Friday, May 6, 2011

Well it is Friday

I have a new oven coming tomorrow. My fault it took so long, just too much going on. I like gas stoves, I like them better than electric. I also like to cook. I look forward to making braised ribs, just fun to make and everybody loves them when I do. I don't do the baking thing, I don't bake cakes or that sort of thing. I prefer cooking.

I have made a lot of money for others, I mean a lot, more than you can imagine. I could make myself a lot of money and don't. This confuses a lot of people, it confused the heck out of a Russian woman I dated. I don't understand why it confuses people. I mean I sort of do; but, not fully. People who say they are not all about money get confused when I don't bother making it for myself.

Losing materialism is wonderful. We need money; but, we really don't need toys. We spend too much time with toys and too little with each other. I don't want to own much anymore, I don't want to ever own another house. I would consider renting one; but, I don't want to own. I don't want to acquire more stuff, replace things I need for sure; but, I have enough.

I don't buy lottery tickets, I don't want to win the lottery. I do play poker; but, it is about the game more than the money, it is a passtime, I just happen to be fairly good at it. Too much money requires too much time, it is a burden on those I have known tha that have or had it and they can't let go of it once they have it.

We seek the wrong things, we seek pleasure rather than satisfaction. I am satisfied, I wasn't before because I was busy working to please my family, to provide for them. I am free of that, kids are grown and ex is ex. I no longer feel a need to make as much as I did. I don't care about the trinkets of this world and really prefer my peace, to read and to write. It is not very expensive to do the things I like.

There is nowhere in the world I am willing to work for just to see for one week. I am okay with the United States and love my new town. I understand that others wish to experience excitement and thrills and what the world has to offer. Enjoy it, I don't want it. I do like having purpose and don't real feel directed right now, I think that is okay for the moment.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of our labor or the toys and things that we create, I like art. It is not enjoying things that is the problem, it is the need to own and control them. It is the need, not the want. I think the same may be true for relationships. I don't need to own or control anyone. I do however wish to influence, to have my thoughts listened to and understood. Agreement is not required; but, don't expect me to hold my tongue.

So, with my new over that works, what should I make first. I believe it should be something from the oven rather than the stove. I could make beer can chicken, or 40 clove chicken, or braised ribs or lamb (I make a wonderful mustard and parmesean crusted lamb). Hmmmm, problem is, nobody to cook for tomorrow, so, I probably won't. I will soon enough, when others can enjoy it with me.

It is bedtime and I have to be ready for my new oven. Be well.

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