Monday, June 16, 2014

More Things You Need to Know to Understand What is Going On.

Baltimore has just passed a curfew and kids will be taken to a "connection center" (juvenile detention) rather than being taken home. YouTube - Critics question implementation of new Baltimore curfew.  I guess the City of Baltimore is your new Mommy and Daddy.

Yahoo - WSJ - How CEO Lynn Tilton Built Her Business Empire What I like about this woman is that creates jobs and saves jobs in America by buying companies that are going under and making them work. I have written about her once before and if you don't know who she is I strongly recommend you watch the video, it is short.

New York Post -Tiny $1,230 London apartment sparks outrage You have to love it. It's the joy of living in under 200 square feet, why not just make the apartments the same size as a jail cell.

CNBC - Are public pensions headed for another disaster? More pension scams. Basically, public pensions are moving away from safe investments to risky investments and paying a higher price in fees to a few.

Yahoo - AP - Where have all the missing American workers gone? Why is the media confused by unemployment, it is pretty simple. We transferred over 40 million jobs to China and the recession closed many businesses. The workers are still here but the jobs are gone.

Yahoo - Attempted Robbery Unfolds On Gamer's Livestreaming Webcam. The robber was arrested because people on the internet were watching her. See, surveillance is good for you.

YouTube - Verizon Commercial 2014 | Urban Odyssey | Powerful Answers by Verizon Wireless. Watch the commercial it is only 30 seconds long. The story is that there is a blind guy and his glasses tell him what he would otherwise be seeing. The glasses identify colors and even his girlfriend and tell him that she is smiling. Your first reaction is probably that this is a great thing for helping the blind; but, that same technology can be uses to view crowds and make decisions on peoples looks.

The Guardian - Currency market rigging could become criminal offence. The biggest financial market in the world is in London and they are considering making market rigging a crime. It is like they are saying we might make theft and fraud illegal. What is amazing is that they are not in universal agreement on this. Our financial markets are criminal enterprises; but, we changed the laws over the past 40 years so that it is not a crime for Wall Street or the banks to steal from you.

CNBC - Financial Times - IMF sounds global housing alarm. The IMF is claiming that there is a worldwide housing bubble. All real estate has traditionally been localized, prices, affordability, all of it. How could all of these countries make the same mistake at the same time by accident? The housing maket is being rigged again, just like every other market.

Iain McKie - UK Parliament comes to an effective end on November 2014 (new EU rules). This is important and little discussed in the United States. The European Union is supposed to be a free trade agreement and it was created by treaty rather than the people voting on it. Fair enough; but, it morphed into a government and is headed by somebody that the people did not vote on. Many countries no longer support it and want to vote on being a member state or not; but, they are prevented from doing this which is why in the last couple of months many have voted for people who are anti-EU.

In England the Prime Minister promised to allow people to vote on whether or not Britain would be a member state of the EU; but, he never held the vote and now wants to have the vote after November which will be irrelevant after the new rules go into effect in Europe. Globalism pushes forward and democracy is ended. The EU is like a roach motel, roaches come in but they don't come out.

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