Friday, March 20, 2015

News of the day and a complaint about a jerk.

Yahoo - Anonymous Post-It Notes on Lockers Spread Positive Message. Someone left stick it notes on every students locker in a town in Massachusetts. They said "You are beautiful". I wouldn't ask someone to repeat the wonderful act; but, wouldn't it be nice if everyone who reads this did something nice for someone tomorrow. Sometimes we can change a person's day by just showing care.

A few years back when I was going through my divorce (sorry if I told this story before), I was feeling old and as if no woman would find me attractive. I was in my 50s and past my physical prime, which, to tell the truth was never Brad Pitt looking. One day I was at work and feeling like garbage and a dear friend asked me to go to lunch with him. As we walked to the restaurant I told him how I was feeling. I recognize that a lot of people feel that way when their spouse has left them for another; but, you have to go through it. At the time I had a gold earring in my left ear that I got in Hawaii. Well, two attractive younger ladies than me (mid 30s to mid 40s at best) sat at the table next to us and one of them turned to me and said, "Well don't you look dead ass sexy with that earring of yours. Maybe it was the black suit I was wearing. Who knows; but, I sure needed that at the time and I thanked her and told her that she had no idea of just how much I needed to hear that at that moment. Everyday you can do that for at least one other person, the one you see who could use it.

Yahoo - AP - Say what? Social Security data says 6.5M in US reach age 112. The social security data is seriously wrong. We have about 42 people who are 112 in the United States not 6,5000,000. Makes you wonder how many people are over 80 and how many the government claims are over 80. I can tell you this, their actuarial tables that estimate how long and how much someone will get from social security are vastly overstated. Maybe they are overstated so that they can lie to us about social security funding. Maybe they just want us to believe the money is not there, money that you have already worked your life for. Money that you earned and were forced to put into the system and they don't want to pay you back. I put in for years and will never get a penny, that will go to people who do not have pensions and as far as I am concerned, that is okay with me. If you have a government pension they reduce your social security payments to practically nothing (and I didn't work for the federal government so they didn't pay my pension). Don't let them steal your social security based on lies.

Yahoo - CNBC - Musk: Someday, driving a car will be illegal. Elon Musk created the car company Tesla, one of the leaders is electric cars. He is warning people of what is coming. He clearly states he does not want to see people taken out of the driving equation; but, if you follow transportation then you know it is coming.

Yahoo - NYC Roads Now Have More Uber Cars Than Yellow Taxis. Uber is basically an application for your phone that will find you someone near you who can drive you in their car to your destination. It costs money but less than a cab and it is and will kill off the cab drivers eventually in the bigger cities. Once taxis are dead or irrelevant, your taxi will be a self driving autonomous car. Lots of dead jobs.

Yahoo - AP - Icahn likens casino union to mobsters demanding 'protection'. Icahn is a jerk. He made his money by getting a controlling interest in companies and selling off all their assets for a one time pay out. He has done this to companies that could have succeeded; but, he is only interested in the fast buck, not Americans working or this country thriving as a whole. He wants the casino workers to give up all their benefits so that he can sell the company off at an immediate profit. Suck out the assets and sell the debt, that is his business plan for the past 40 years. Not fix businesses as others have done, not benefit America. He is a selfish swine and I pray for his soul.

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