Monday, April 27, 2015

An Autonomus Internet of Everything

I was on a trip last week and attended a jazz concert tonight; however, I did save up articles in the news to post on. I travelled with my sister and we had a wonderful time, one of the best trips of my life. We met many people, enjoyed good food, experienced wonderful service everywhere we went and had a great time just talking. I brought up self-driving cars and she said she didn't think she would see it in her life, she didn't know it is already here. I hope my readers are sharing this information with others.

Yahoo - AP - After Alps crash, some experts ponder flights without pilots. The line that sums this article is, "In my mind, it's a done deal," she says. "The business case is so strong." Let me repeat what I have said since the beginning of this blog. All transportation will be autonomous, you will not own your transportation vehicle and it will determine how you get where you are going.

Yahoo - Colorado Teacher Shares Heartbreaking Notes From Third Graders. Things kids wanted their teacher to know. - Earthworms rain from sky over Norway. You name it and it has been falling from the sky for thousands of years. There have been documented cases of fish, frogs and all sort of animals falling from the sky.

Reuters - First experiment 'editing' human embryos ignites ethical furor. China is now openly publishing in medical journals that they are experimenting with changing the dna of humans on humans. This, the modification of the human creation is the beginning of the end and I am not overreacting or joking. There is no way to stop this from occurring. Even if it were outlawed, it would go on in the dark.

Fox News - In first, Norway will shut off FM radio in 2017. There are laws that regulate radio; but, many of those protections do not apply to the internet. This is another wave of the future.

CheatSheet - How America’s Middle Class Dug Its Own Grave. Basically the self serving article says that it is the middle classes fault for trusting our government that allowed a few wealthy people to outsource all of our jobs and take away our benefits. We should have know the wealthy would take advantage of us and didn't believe in the United States and community.

ABC News - Study: Self-Driving 'Taxibots' Could Replace 9 in 10 Cars. The rich don't believe people are valuable or necessary. Technology is God if all you care about is your pleasure.

Still here, still paying attention, still wanting you to see more. Peace.

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