Monday, August 17, 2015

The "Establishment" Versus Trump

I am not a Republican, let me make that very clear. I am also not a Democrat, those are parties and not beliefs. Like Groucho Marx, I would never join any organization that would have someone like me as a member. I am a fiscal conservative with a socially liberal perspective. I don't respect people who vote their pocketbook at the expense of what they believe is right. My motto in business was, "Do the right thing for the right reason".

In the past the well to do believed that some of us were just genetically inferior, that was called Social Darwinism. The new rich believe they "single handedly" earned everything they have with no help from the rest of society and believe those who are not rich are just lazy. The new rich don't care about our country, they don't care about anyone who is not successful in their mind if you are unsuccessful, you don't deserve to be. The new rich believe in Ayn Rand and that the 99% are anchors holding the world back.

What Trump and Sanders have in common is that they believe we are in this game as a country and that everyone who is a member of this country deserves a chance. Now, Trump believes that being born here is not enough to make one a citizen and I disagree with this and where it could lead immensely. I do not believe Trump would make a great president; but, I believe the others will all be more of the same lies. Trump and Sanders are showing us one thing more than anything else, they are proving how the game is rigged in politics.

Yahoo - The Fiscal Times - 9 Trump Positions that Make Liberals Want to Move to Canada.

I love this article, it is a conservative, Republican leaning, paper telling Democrats why they should be against Donald Trump. I guess that Democrats should just ignore the, just as many, reasons they should be against Jeb Bush and the other Republicans, including Rand. The Democrats are just as irrationally afraid of Sanders. The media is afraid of them both because they haven't sold out to the corporate interests, remember 5 organizations own over 90% of all the media.

I don't think we will see this; but, the best situation we could hope for is a Presidential election between Trump and Sanders, it would be a total rejection of the status quo, the establishment and how they are selling this country out. Whoever won would tell us if  the country was moving true left or true right.

Ronald Reagan asked a simple question once, he asked people if they were better off than they were before Carter got elected and the answer was no. I will ask an equally simple question, do you think the country will be better off or even changed if we vote for anyone other than Trump or Sanders. Do you think Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton will return this this country to where it could be?

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